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Read these special reports to get the inside track on some of the world's most important wine regions. I've walked the vineyards, talked to the producers and tasted the wines to provide you with unique advice and insights.

19th Apr 2013

Napa Mountain Wines Report

Many of Napa Valley’s best-known bottlings come from fruit grown on the valley floor, and it is certainly those ripe and succulent wines that epitomize the Napa wine style. However, above the fog and the inversion layer hovering over the valley, mountain vineyards produce markedly different wines. They favor minerality over fruit flamboyance, and their structure is taut and focused rather... Read more

14th Mar 2013

2013 Brunello Special Report

Brunello di Montalcino makes some of Italy's finest and most expensive wines. But the quality, price and style of what is produced in this beautiful corner of Tuscany vary widely. My report will help you to identify the best 140 wines from over 280 samples I tasted at every price level in Montalcino, where I spent a week in February, and... Read more

11th Feb 2013

My Top 50 New Zealand Pinot Noirs

I've just returned from a two week trip to New Zealand, where I attended the 2013 NZ Pinot Noir Conference in Wellington. My conclusions? The quality of the Pinots is increasing exponentially and the 2010 vintage is one of the best in the country's history. I'll be publishing a full Pinot Report on May 23rd, priced at £10, but in the mean time, here is a free list of my 50... Read more

11th Feb 2013

25 Burgundy estates to watch

Most people agree on the top estates in Burgundy (they're generally the ones that are expensive and on allocation). But what about the estates to watch, the superstars of tomorrow? This is my free, downloadable list of 25 up-and-coming producers. To download it, just enter your name and... Read more

23rd Jan 2013

2011 Burgundy Special Report

As many of you will know, the vintage was a tricky one all over France, not least in Burgundy, but it has still produced some very good wines, thanks to careful selection in the vineyard and good winemaking. This is a charming year that will appeal to Burgundy lovers. As ever, however, it is difficult to pick a path through the world’s most complex wine region. My report will help... Read more

23rd Sep 2012

2012 Argentina Special Report

Argentina is making better wines today than at any point in its history, but the southern hemisphere’s biggest producer is at a crossroads. Should it embrace greater elegance or continue to make plush, oaky, crowd-pleasing reds? Which are the best producers and wines? And what is Argentina’s most successful style? Malbecs or reds blends? And what about its white wines? Do they deserve... Read more

7th May 2012

2011 Bordeaux Special Report

The 2011 Bordeaux vintage is much better than many commentators, me included, thought it would be. It is obviously not as exciting as 2009 and 2010, but nor is it as expensive. If the prices are reasonable – and they need to come down more significantly than they have in the first few weeks of the campaign – this could be a drinkers’ vintage on a par with 2001. So download my... Read more

20th Feb 2012

2010 Burgundy Special Report

The 2010 Burgundy vintage has been rightly hailed as one of the best of the last decade. But nothing is ever straightforward in the world's most complex wine region. So download my 10,000 word report on the vintage, complete with: 200 tasting notes, with UK stockists, divided into four price bracketsStar ratings for more than 200 producers and... Read more

5th May 2011

2010 Bordeaux Special Report

Just when you thought Bordeaux had run out of superlatives, along comes another great vintage.  Bordeaux 2010 might not have received as much hype as 2009 in the non-specialist press, but in its own way it is equally impressive. The vintage is by no means uniform, however, which is why expert advice is more crucial than ever. This is my 37 page 2010 Bordeaux Special Report,... Read more

11th Feb 2011

2009 Burgundy Special Report

Click on the link below to download my Special En Primeur Report.   ... Read more



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