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Read these special reports to get the inside track on some of the world's most important wine regions. I've walked the vineyards, talked to the producers and tasted the wines to provide you with unique advice and insights.

8th May 2017

2017 Argentina Special Report

This is my fifth annual guide to Argentina. With over 1,300 wines tasted and rated, it is the largest and most comprehensive yet. Based on three weeks spent visiting vineyards and wineries earlier this year, it is an in-depth portrait of a dynamic industry.Having visited Argentina almost every year since the early 1990s, I can comment on what's happening there with a measure of... Read more

20th Mar 2017

2017 Chile Special Report

In his first annual guide to Chile, award-winning British wine writer and Master of Wine Tim Atkin praises the country as a "South American success story" and highlights the changes that have occurred since his last visit in 2010. "Chile is finally beginning to make the most of its diverse range of climates and soil types," he says, "thanks to the initiative and investment of the... Read more

1st Feb 2017

2015 Burgundy Special Report

My annual Burgundy report is a labour of love. This is my seventh overview of the world's best wine region and it's my most comprehensive yet.The 2015 vintage is the most hyped of my professional lifetime. But is it any good? The reds are mostly very good to excellent, with impressive quality from generic to Grand Cru level. The... Read more

19th Jan 2017

2017 Rioja Special Report

Rioja is in on the verge of seismic changes, as it prepares to introduce a new tier of Single Vineyard wines to complement its more traditional Crianzas, Reservas and Gran Reservas. My second in-depth report on Spain's most famous wine region tells you everything you need to... Read more

27th Nov 2016

2015 Rhône Special Report

This is an independent guide for wine lovers who want to know what to buy from the outstanding 2015 Rhône vintage that will bring them pleasure now, next year, and into the future. Not just wines for investment, but also smart buys for weekday drinking and those on a budget. It highlights wines with balance, finesse and drinkability, not just concentration and power. This report will... Read more

8th Sep 2016

2016 South Africa Special Report

In his fourth annual guide to South Africa, award-winning British wine-writer and Master of Wine Tim Atkin says the 2015 vintage is “the best I’ve tasted in 26 years of writing about the country’s wines” and should be a springboard to global recognition. "A winning combination of better viticulture, the development of new wine regions and the emergence of a young generation... Read more

7th Sep 2016

2016 Cape Classification

This is my fourth attempt to classify the Cape's best producers, an annual exercise that has stimulated considerable debate in South Africa. This is very loosely based on the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, although quality rather than price is my only criterion. There are six different bands: first, second, third, fourth and fifth growths, consisting of 15 wines each, and a larger group of 75... Read more

12th May 2016

2015 Bordeaux Special Report

The 2015 Bordeaux vintage is undoubtedly the best since 2010, but it is far from the harvest of the decade, let alone the century. The best wines are excellent (and that includes dry whites and sweets as well as reds), but there are also some lows among the highs, depending on picking dates, vineyard sources and winemaking decisions. The long, largely rain-free harvest meant that... Read more

18th Apr 2016

2015 Bordeaux: complete scores

2015 has been described by many people, some of whom have a vested interest in reviving the moribund en primeur system, as the best Bordeaux vintage since 2010. Some producers and commentators have been even more excitable, describing it as “a very great year” or scattering 100 point scores like a cloud of summer dust. After spending a week in the region, visiting châteaux and... Read more

11th Apr 2016

2016 Argentina Special Report

In my latest, comprehensive, 147-page guide to Argentina, with 1,100 wines tasted and rated, I have showcased a dynamic industry at an exciting point in its history Having visited Argentina almost every year since the early 1990s, I think it’s thrilling to see the country beginning to fulfil its rich wine-producing potential. With its blend... Read more



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