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2014 Washington State Special Report

8th Jan 2014

2014 Washington State Special Report

Washington State’s evolution from “vinous backwater” to the second largest, quality wine producing US state has taken four decades. Yet, Washington’s wine journey has only just begun. AVAs, grape varieties and elevations are better understood with each passing vintage, and more young blood and fresh talent flow into this near-desert wine country every year.

Washington offers a plethora of wines styles and price points. Like many proud and thirsty wine-producing regions, much of its best wine never leaves the state. So, unless you travel there on occasion or subscribe diligently to winery mailing lists, it may take some work to get a good feeling for this diversity. The potential rewards are high, both in sipping and in budget-minding. Washington offers tremendous value, from $10 to $45 to $125.

These 54 pages offer a critical view on Washington. I researched the report during a one-week visit to Washington State in July 2013, followed by further tastings in New York City and Dallas and many additional correspondences with producers and the Washington Wine Commission. This download gives you access to:

  • Detailed tasting notes on 189 of the state’s best wines
  • Scores on 323 wines with their average wine-searcher.com or pre-release prices
  • Ten things you need to know about Washington wines, summarized in six pages
  • My 5-, 4-, 3-, 2- and 1-star producers
  • Industry favorite restaurants and wine bars in Seattle and Eastern Washington
  • Suggestions for further reading on the wines, culture and history of Washington

I hope you enjoy discovering a new perspective on Washington wines. Deliciousness abounds, but some care must be taken to be sure your choices fit your preferred wine style.

Christy Canterbury MW

(pdf, 2.19mb)



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