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Read these special reports to get the inside track on some of the world's most important wine regions. I've walked the vineyards, talked to the producers and tasted the wines to provide you with unique advice and insights.

15th Oct 2018

2018 South Africa Wines of the Year

These are my South African wines of the year, all of which scored 95 points or more in my 2018 South Africa Special Report. To explain my scores in a little more detail, 85-89 points is my equivalent of a bronze medal, 90-94 a silver and 95+ a gold. For the statistically minded, the percentage of 90+ wines is slightly up on last year:... Read more

12th Sep 2018

2018 South Africa Special Report

In his seventh annual guide to South Africa, award-winning British journalist and Master of Wine Tim Atkin contends that the 2015 and 2017 vintages have produced a brilliant series of wines that surpass anything in the country’s long history, and that they are “two of the best ever harvests” in the Cape. To reflect this quality, Atkin has... Read more

11th Sep 2018

2018 Cape Classification

This is my sixth attempt to classify the Cape's best producers, an annual exercise that has stimulated considerable debate and no little controversy in South Africa. This is very loosely based on the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, although quality rather than price is the sole criterion I use. There are six expanded groups this year: First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Growths, consisting of... Read more

26th May 2018

A Classification of Argentina’s Top 200 Producers

This is my fourth attempt to classify Argentina’s best producers, an annual exercise that has stimulated some debate, as well as criticism in some quarters. This is very loosely based on the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, with five different bands (first, second, third, fourth and fifth growths) and a larger group of so-called Crus Bourgeois. Unlike the Bordeaux system, which rated the... Read more

16th May 2018

2018 Argentina Special Report

This is my sixth annual guide to Argentina. With over 1,500 wines tasted and rated, it is the largest and most comprehensive yet. Based on three weeks spent visiting vineyards and wineries in February this year, including a first-ever visit to Jujuy to see the world's highest vineyard, it is an in-depth portrait of a dynamic industry that is... Read more

13th May 2018

2017 Bordeaux En Primeur Report

I didn't make it to Bordeaux this year for the En Primeur tastings, but my friend and fellow Master of Wine, Rod Smith, did and has kindly allowed me to publish his report on my site as a free download.This is what he has to say:"I am delighted to report that the 2017 vintage in Bordeaux has broken the 'curse of the -7s'After a trio of good to great vintages in 2014, 15... Read more

18th Mar 2018

2018 Chile Special Report

This is my second overview of the Chilean wine scene, currently one of the most exciting and fastest improving in the world. Based on three weeks' on-the-spot research, which took me from Osorno in the south of this long and uniquely thin country to the Elqui Valley in the north, via Malleco, Itata, Curicó, Maule, Cachapoal, Colchagua, Maipo, Leyda, Zapallar... Read more

8th Feb 2018

2018 Rioja Special Report

Rioja is beginning to fulfil its potential and that's great news for wine lovers. Spain's most famous region is increasingly exciting. Rioja is about to change how it classifies and promotes its wine. New grape varieties are being planted and old ones rediscovered. And pioneering wine-makers are bringing a fresh approach to what has... Read more

26th Jan 2018

2016 Burgundy Special Report

2016 is the smallest crop of the last decade in Burgundy, owing to a combination of frost, hail and mildew. But small in this case is often beautiful. The 2016s may not have the sheer power and concentration of the more hyped 2015s, but they are every bit as enjoyable in their way. I think this a vintage to buy selectively, as... Read more

8th Nov 2017

2017 South Africa Wines of the Year

The 1,687 or so wines I tasted for my 2017 South Africa Report were mostly sampled during two visits to the Cape in March and June/July 2017, as well as at the London Wine Trade Fair and at Prowein in Düsseldorf. Nearly all of them were assessed sighted, or non-blind, as some people would have it. This is a list of my 164 Wines of the Year, all of which scored 95 points or... Read more



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