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Read these special reports to get the inside track on some of the world's most important wine regions. I've walked the vineyards, talked to the producers and tasted the wines to provide you with unique advice and insights.

11th May 2015

2014 Bordeaux Special Report

The 2014 Bordeaux vintage is the best since 2010, but it is far from the harvest of the decade, let alone the century. The best wines are excellent (and that includes dry whites and sweets as well as reds), but there are plenty of lows among the highs, depending on picking dates, vineyard sources and winemaking decisions. To choose between the hundreds of wines that are being offered en... Read more

7th Apr 2015

Bordeaux 2014 Complete scores A-Z

2014 is the best vintage in Bordeaux since 2010, although it is not homogenously good by any means. I tasted nearly 400 samples in the region last week and these are my provisional scores, which will be followed by a fuller report once I have a greater idea of the prices at which the wines will be offered.It goes without saying that these scores are based on young, unfinished samples... Read more

24th Mar 2015

2015 Argentina Special Report

This is my third report on Argentina’s vibrant wine industry and it's the longest and most comprehensive overview of the country I've published to date, running to more than 90 pages.I’ve never been afraid to speak my mind and this report is no exception. It’s an informed, in-depth overview based on more than 20 years of visits to Argentina, including a two-week trip at the end of... Read more

27th Jan 2015

2013 Burgundy Special Report

2013 was the latest in a series of tricky vintages for Burgundy, following in the steps of 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. It was late, wet, cold and plagued with vineyard diseases. If that makes it sound like a disaster, it shouldn't do, because against considerable odds, the Burgundians have made some good to very good wines and a handful of excellent ones thanks to careful selection in the... Read more

7th Dec 2014

2013 Rhône Special Report

The 2013 vintage was tricky for much of France, but once again the Rhône got lucky. This time round the Northern Rhône has the edge over the Southern Rhône, and has produced some very good reds and excellent whites. The story in the South is more mixed, but despite difficult growing conditions some estates made impressive wines. Volumes however are significantly lower than the... Read more

21st Jul 2014

2014 Oregon Special Report

Oregon may be only the fourth largest wine-producing state in the US, behind California, Washington and New York, but size isn’t everything. This bucolic, laid-back region makes some of the best, age-worthy Pinot Noir and Riesling in the New World, as well as promising Chardonnay and aromatic whites.Another remarkable thing about Oregon is that its modern winemaking industry is only... Read more

4th Jul 2014

2014 Classification of South Africa's Best Producers

Last year I published my first-ever classification of the Cape's best producers, which stimulated considerable debate in South Africa. This was very loosely based on the 1855 Bordeaux Classification, with six different bands (first, second, third, fourth and fifth growths and crus bourgeois), although quality rather than price was the only criterion I used. This year, I have... Read more

2nd Jul 2014

2014 South Africa Special Report

South Africa is currently one the most exciting and dynamic wine-producing countries in the world. Old vines, pioneering winemakers and regions both new and rediscovered: the Cape has it all. Meet the newcomers, the classics and the stars of the future in my 100 page special report. Including: 350 tasting notes for wines over 92 points, with varietal... Read more

21st May 2014

2009 Brunello di Montalcino Special Report

Brunello di Montalcino makes some of Italy's finest and most expensive wines. But the quality, price and style of what is produced in this beautiful corner of Tuscany vary widely, especially in a warm year like 2009. At its best, this is a good to very good vintage that has produced wines for comparatively early drinking in a ripe, accessible style. The 2008 Riservas, meanwhile, are more... Read more

1st May 2014

2013 Bordeaux Special Report

The 2013 Bordeaux vintage was the worst of the last decade, affected by rot, rain and under-ripeness. But such is the quality of winemaking at the top châteaux these days (and the rigour of the selection process in the vineyard and winery) that the best producers still made some good wines. Bordeaux has come a long way since its last awful vintage in 1992. Obviously, 2013 is not as... Read more



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