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New York City’s Best Restaurant Wine Lists

by Christy Canterbury MW



New York is one of the world’s most dynamic wine cities. Wines from every corner of the world are available. Some can be surprising. (Turkey makes wine? Yes!) The discoveries here are virtually limitless.

At many of these addresses, wine directors vie to secure allocations of miniscule production wines while others seek out the most esoteric bottlings they can find – not that the two can’t come in the same package. Almost unbelievably, certain producers from France seek out their colleagues’ wines (for example, those of Jean-François Ganevat) here because they can’t find them at home.

The best NYC wine lists not only offer diversity of styles and prices, they also offer wines diners want to drink. Enough of sommeliers’ favorites sloshing into our glasses when it’s not what we want and we are paying the bill!

Discerning decision-makers can create concise lists that are as fascinating to explore as their tome-like brethern. Regardless the theme or size of these lists, all offer as dynamic a gustatory experience from their cellars as from their kitchens.

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