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Best Wine Bars in New York City

by Christy Canterbury MW



The dawn of smart wine bars began shining on New York City well before that of sophisticated cocktail bars. However, well-executed wine bars have been slower to rise in prominence. Happily, in just the last year or three, more serious bars devoted to fine vinous offerings have begun quenching thirsts in many more neighborhoods around the city. You no longer have to be in Manhattan to enjoy a fine glass of wine. In the year since I first compiled this list, it has become a daunting task to keep track of the wine bar scene here with all its openings and closings.

At a wine bar, diversity of styles is of critical importance as imbibers arrive seeking different experiences. Additionally, a frequent influx of new choices is welcome as “regulars” are often curious to experiment. Many more wine bars open their doors in Gotham each night, but these are among the very best…who also don’t discount proper glassware in their efforts to be more casual and assessible.

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