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Ron Washam

Ron Washam

At a tender age, Ron turned away from a career as a comedy writer to become a sommelier. One could say he prefers spitting to gagging. He served nineteen years as a sommelier in Los Angeles, and was twice named Sommelier of the Year by the California Restaurant Writers Association, primarily because he was unbeatable in the swimsuit competition. He also serves as a professional wine judge in many formerly prestigious competitions. He is one of only one HoseMaster of Wine in the world and writes a monthly satirical column for timatkin.com


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6th Jan 2014 in Articles

The rise of Supernatural wines and other predictions for 2014

You won’t be able to say I didn’t warn you. 2014 looks to be another strange year in the wine business. If you don’t believe my predictions, remember that I was the person who predicted 2013 with astonishing accuracy, right down to the... Read more


2nd Dec 2013 in Articles

All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa, I don’t really want much for myself this Christmas. Oh, I guess there are a lot of material things that part of me craves. I was thinking I could really use a Coravin. I like using needles to enhance pleasure. Who... Read more


1st Nov 2013 in Articles

The Official 2013 Bordeaux Vintage Report

Here in Bordeaux, we’re Singin’ in the Rain over the wonderful 2013 Harvest. Many might compare 2013 to the magical vintage of 1984, a vintage memorialized by the great George Orwell, who borrowed doublethink from our legendary Bordeaux... Read more


7th Oct 2013 in Articles

The Sommeliers' Last Wish Foundation

Dear Friend of Wine, ... Read more


2nd Sep 2013 in Articles

Making Sense of Matt Kramer

Imagine for a moment that you are me. Yes, I know, that’s ridiculous. It’s like asking you to imagine that you’re Albert Einstein or Abraham Lincoln, but let’s just say that you were able to imagine what it’s like to be me. What would... Read more


5th Aug 2013 in Articles

The Pulitzer Prize for Wine Reviews

Though it has yet to gain the kind of attention its other prizes have achieved, the Pulitzer Prize for Wine Reviews was handed out for the first time in 2013. The Pulitzer Prize committee gave the coveted prize to James Molesworth of... Read more


1st Jul 2013 in Articles

The World Cup of Wine

I don’t care about Canadian wine. I don’t know anybody who does. Canadians should be making wine like Jamaicans should be bobsledding. Oh, but they make great Ice Wines, eh! I hear this all the time and I think, “Yes, pour Canadian wine... Read more


3rd Jun 2013 in Articles

How to Throw a Perfect Home Wine Tasting

More often than not, when I attend a wine tasting at a private home it’s disastrous. And not just because I was invited. A wine tasting seems like an easy affair, like oral sex with a Washington intern. Yet, without proper planning, your home... Read more


6th May 2013 in Articles

Better Off Dead—New Wine Books!

Lately, my mailbox has been filling up with new books about wine and the wine business. It’s a seemingly inexhaustible subject, and the flurry of new books represents a wide range of subject matter. Nearly all of these new books are... Read more


1st Apr 2013 in Articles

The Frugle Awards

The finalists for the James Beard Awards were announced recently to great fanfare. The James Beard Awards are often referred to, mostly by dolts, as the Oscars© of the food and wine world. The Oscars© are almost never called... Read more