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14th Dec 2018 in Articles

How low can you go?

What makes a wine worth drinking? is the intriguing title of American importer Terry Theise’s new book ($25, HMH). If you’ve never heard of TT, he’s one of the most intelligent and considered voices in the world of wine,... Read more


15th Nov 2018 in Articles

Things are hotting up in Burgundy

Another year, another sale in Burgundy. Twelve months ago, it was Clos de Tart, bought by François Pinault’s Artémis Group for €280m; now it’s Domaine Henri Rabourseau, in which the billionaire Bouygues brothers, Martin and Olivier, have... Read more


15th Oct 2018 in Articles

Do winemakers improve with age?

Peter Sisseck poured a sample of his 2016 Pingus with obvious pride, watching my eyes for a reaction. He’s a thoughtful, modest man, who abhors self-promotion and would never think of trying to influence a journalist, but as I finished my... Read more


13th Sep 2018 in Articles

Bad times in Buenos Aires

Every year at the end of my three-week tour of Argentina, I sit down with Dr Nicolas Catena of Bodega Catena Zapata for breakfast. He, inevitably, wants to talk about wine – new bodegas and regions, the latest vintage – while I want to talk... Read more