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Simon Woolf

Simon Woolf

Simon Woolf is a wine and food enthusiast based in London and Austria. His blog www.themorningclaret.com chronicles those parts of the wine world less well travelled, with a particular focus on smaller producers who use organic, biodynamic or natural wine-making methods. Simon is a columnist for palatepress.com and timatkin.com


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20th Aug 2015 in Articles

Back to the future

Fine wines are timeless – that elusive combination of elegance, complexity and gravitas, plus ageing potential in spades. Their prices unfortunately are not. Top rank Bordeaux, Burgundy or mature Barolos increasingly come at a cost... Read more


4th Dec 2014 in Articles

Blank de Blanc

Browsing the wine selection at Bordeaux airport is revealing. Unsurprisingly, the grand vins of the Médoc, St. Emilion and Pomerol take up most of the shelf space, with some more modest AOC Bordeaux choices and a clutch of rosés. But... Read more


16th Jul 2014 in Articles

The natural wine challenge

What happens if you take two wine critics with opposing, sometimes polarised views on natural wine, throw them into London's biggest celebration of the sector and force them to taste the same wines together?... Read more


13th Mar 2014 in Articles

Cornelissen's way - Making wine without sulphur

Mount Etna's most controversial winemaker, Frank Cornelissen, is a hard man to track down. ... Read more


14th Feb 2014 in Articles

Virgile Joly: Doing it the hard way

If you work in the wine industry, you've probably heard this joke before: What's the best way to become a millionaire in wine? Answer – start with two million.... Read more


13th Aug 2013 in Articles

Wine Mosaic: Saving rare grapes from extinction

 When was the last time you had a glass of... Read more


24th May 2013 in Articles

Rawfair steals the show

No, I'm not at the London International Wine Fair. This... Read more


25th Apr 2013 in Articles

Bucking the trend: Natural wines at Gut Oggau

Somewhere, out there on the internet, the discussion rages on about natural wines. To true believers, it's the one and only righteous path, to sceptics, nothing more than a farcical or even fraudulent movement. Regular readers of Tim's site have... Read more


1st Jan 2013 in Articles

Georgian qvevri wine: if it's good enough for God . . .

For Father Gerasim, whether to treat his wines with sulphur or any other additive isn't a matter of choice. The imperative is simple. Any impurities in the finished product would render it unworthy in the eyes of... Read more


19th Nov 2012 in Articles

Etna: wines from the volcano

As far as wine regions go, Mount Etna could be described as a wine geek's wet dream. Volcanic soil, obscure indigenous grape varieties, high altitudes and pre-phylloxera vineyards are just some of the highlights. Not surprising then,... Read more