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Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph

Robert Joseph attributes his offbeat view of the wine world to a history that includes co-founding Wine Intl magazine and the International Wine Challenge (and running it in places like Russia, China and Vietnam), writing the Sunday Telegraph wine column and two dozen books. Today, he’s editor at large of Meininger’s Wine Business Intl, produces le Grand Noir wines in France and creates innovative wine marketing concepts at DoILikeIt.


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11th Aug 2014 in Articles

Heavy bottles

"Jancis [Robinson] hates heavy wine bottles, as I do. Why do winemakers use them?" This recent Facebook comment - by one of the founders of a smart London wine retailer - seems to represent the views of a significant... Read more


16th Jul 2014 in Articles

The natural wine challenge

What happens if you take two wine critics with opposing, sometimes polarised views on natural wine, throw them into London's biggest celebration of the sector and force them to taste the same wines together?... Read more


2nd Jul 2014 in Articles

In praise of wine consultants

"I can’t help admiring producers who don’t rely on someone else to tell them how to make their wine. Most of the bottles I enjoy drinking reflect their... Read more


27th May 2014 in Articles

Wine's missing link

Thank God the food, music and art world aren’t run by the people who run the wine industry. Artists, musicians and chefs are allowed, and even encouraged, to experiment, to explore, to shock and delight. In wine, there seems to be a cultural,... Read more


20th May 2014 in Articles

Who judges the judges? More thoughts on wine competitions

We are living in - as the Chinese might say - electorally interesting times. India has just collectively decided to hand its governance to Narendra Modi who is variously described as the subcontinent's economic great white hope - its Margaret... Read more


16th May 2014 in Articles

What's the point of wine competitions?

Wine competitions are the worst way to identify the world's best wines. Apart from all the others that have been tried. I make no excuse for mangling Churchill's famous quote about democracy and using it here because the process of getting a... Read more


28th Apr 2014 in Articles

Museum pieces

There aren’t many wine writers, I imagine, who have been accused of communicating with the dead, but way back in the 1990s, The Sunday Times did describe me as a necromancer. The term the confused writer - of a piece about... Read more


17th Mar 2014 in Articles

Keep the customer satisfied

Imagine, if you will, two equally-skilled chef-restaurateurs whom we’ll call Jean-Paul and Jean-Jacques. J-P’s philosophy is simple: he makes the most out of locally-grown ingredients - even when they aren’t very good - and only cooks... Read more


15th Dec 2013 in Articles

The Sweet Smell of Success

 “When that limey writer Tim Atkin said my S.O.S. Winemaker’s Red Blend was the ‘Coca Cola of wine’ I could’a hugged the guy. He probably thought he was bein’ critical, but who wouldn’t want to be compared to the world’s most... Read more


18th Nov 2013 in Articles

Wine, minerals and bull schist

"I go with the flow." Lubricated by six serious Mojitos - his favourite drink - Danny Makeabiggabuck is surprisingly loquacious about the approach he takes to the wine business. The cigar-chomping, New York-born founder of... Read more