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29th Oct 2018 in Articles

Cover letter for the post of Head of Strategy of the Institute of Masters of Wine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Institute, It is with pleasure and trepidation that I am applying for the position of Head of Strategy at the Institute [1]. While this is undoubtedly the foremost [2] body of Wine Professionals in the... Read more


13th Sep 2018 in Articles

The Wine Writers of Penzance

A scenic market town in South England. A gang of rowdy wine writers have ambushed a party of innocent wine sellers. The leading seller, a jovial, portly man in his early 50s, steps forward to the Head of the Wine Writers’ gang, and the... Read more


31st Jul 2018 in Articles

Rock wine: the dry whites of Santorini

A staple of wine lore is how much better wine tastes at the place of its production. The bottle of Chianti at a villa in the Tuscan hills; the Provencal rosé in an ice cube-filled plastic bag at the Cote d’Azur; maybe a glass of Zin at a sleek... Read more


25th Jun 2018 in Articles

Score Settling

We are all men and women of the world, us. We know that wine is poetry in a bottle, a marriage of art and craft, its enjoyment the result of myriad quasi-random processes where the drinker and the circumstances are every bit as important as... Read more


12th Jun 2018 in Articles

Sparkling English Wine Writing

A short time after the Brexit Referendum, I wrote a piece for a Wine Writing Competition [1]. Those were the heady times of the Birmingham conference, with their Citizens of Nowhere and Foreign Staff Lists, the Conservative Party looking like... Read more


26th May 2018 in Articles

What have wine critics ever done for us?

Wine is a many-maligned thing. The punters are snobs and bores; the servers are sycophants or stuck-up; the vendors dress the emperor in the finest invisible silk. None, however, is more deserving of scorn than the critic: depending on who you... Read more


30th Apr 2018 in Articles

Accented French - the red wines of north-eastern Greece

Every oenophile probably has that one moment of public blind tasting when it All Goes Right. Mine came sometime in the mid-noughties at the rooftop bar of the Athens Hilton. I was rushing to meet friends after a long day at work and already... Read more