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Natasha Hughes

Natasha Hughes

After several false starts as a caterer, film runner and book editor, Natasha Hughes stumbled into a career as a wine writer, educator and consultant by accident a dozen years ago. She still can't believe that she makes her living from travelling to some of the world's most beautiful places in order to eat delicious meals and taste an incredibly diverse range of wines.


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12th Mar 2017 in Articles

Is meat really made for Malbec?

The wine trade loves a good shibboleth. Sauternes is the best match for foie gras, for instance. (Wrong, unless you’re into having your palate clagged up by an unctuous sweet wine that doesn’t have enough acidity to cleanse your palate after... Read more


3rd Mar 2017 in Articles

Tricky food and wine matches

I really shouldn’t admit this as I could be talking myself out of a job, but most food and wine matching comes down to basic common sense. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that heavy red wines work best with rich red meats, that the... Read more


9th Dec 2016 in Articles

The 12 wines of Christmas

December has barely begun, but if you’re anything like me 2016 has made you somewhat disinclined to feel much in the way of goodwill to all men, and you’re probably well over Slade singing ‘So here it is, Merry Christmas’ at you every... Read more


10th Sep 2014 in Articles

Vin de France: the flexible future?

To the French it was le gros rouge qui tache. We Brits were less interested in its saturated colour, but equally dismissive in our terminology, referring to it as plonk. But, whatever you called it, Vin de Table was never high on... Read more


11th Feb 2014 in Articles

Taking to the flor

Fashion, so the experts say, is cyclical. Wear your flared jeans or Annie Hall waistcoat long enough and you’ll eventually look like you’re in with the in crowd. (Don’t hold your breath, though, for a revival of puffball skirts or kipper... Read more


18th Nov 2012 in Articles

What's the point of food and wine matching?

One of my earliest gigs as a wine writer was to write up profiles of some of the world’s hottest sommeliers for the Decanter website (which, at the time, generated far more of its own content than it does now). I had a predictable list of... Read more


15th Aug 2012 in Articles

Try before you buy: the future of wine?

Some 10 years ago, when I first started out as a wine, journalist I was commissioned (by a certain Tim Atkin) to write about why people bought the wines they did. I spent a week or so lurking in the aisles of supermarkets and high street wine... Read more