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25th Feb 2017 in Articles

Initiating the uninitiated

Wine lists can be difficult for the uninitiated to understand. One restaurant in Los Angeles, Hatchet Hall, has taken this a step further: not only is their list incomprehensible to the... Read more


4th Sep 2016 in Articles

Rudy Kurniawan: last man standing?

Before watching the documentary Sour Grapes, I had a mental image of American wine collectors as like the effete Crane brothers in Frasier. What I did not expect was what the novelist Jay McInerney describes as the... Read more


19th Aug 2016 in Articles

Rethinking wine: back to the future?

It might surprise you to learn that London had a fleet of electric taxis in the late 19th century. They were known as hummingbirds because of the noise they made. It wasn’t just Britain, there were 30,000 thousand electric cars in the US at the... Read more


17th Jun 2016 in Articles

The Tour de West Norwood

Whilst most of my boyhood friends had pictures of John Barnes or Ian Rush on their walls, I had Gianni Bugno and Laurent Jalabert. In my teens, cycling was my passion (as a spectator sport that is, I was a lazy bugger.) I just caught the end of... Read more


25th Jan 2016 in Articles

Feck & Drink: why isn't there more wine on TV?

If you want to annoy certain people in the wine world, lean over and say to them, ‘what you really need is a Jeremy Clarkson of wine.’ Or a Jamie Oliver (though m’esteemed colleague Matt Walls has already covered that one on this site last... Read more


11th Dec 2015 in Articles

The truth about Christmas wine columns

Elizabeth David’s spiced beef recipe is one of my Christmas traditions. It involves rubbing a piece of beef every day for up to four weeks with a selection of spices, sugar and saltpetre. You then cook it for about eight hours, leave it to cool... Read more


8th Aug 2015 in Articles

In praise of PR people

Sometimes people’s names determine their whole life. A. J. Splatt and D. Weedon are both doctors of urology. There’s an Israeli tennis player called Anna Smashanova and a Dutch architect called Rem Koolhaas. It’s not a coincidence that the... Read more


2nd Apr 2015 in Articles

Punk Rock wines

I was watching a program about Irish rock music on BBC 4 the other night. The problem with these compilation shows is that in order to get to the Pogues you have to sit through the Boomtown Rats. Sure enough up popped Bob Geldof retelling the... Read more


8th Jan 2015 in Articles

Who are you calling an alcoholic?

I’m sure you’ve already had your fill of writers telling you that they’re giving up drink for January or that they’re not giving up anything for January because they’re different. Instead I thought it would be interesting to reflect on... Read more


14th Aug 2014 in Articles

First Growth claret: an affordable luxury?

In 2012 I won a bottle of Mouton Rothschild 1996 in a writing competition. When we moved house last year I didn’t trust the movers with it so I wrapped it up in layers of bubble wrap and carried it myself. Since then it has been sitting under... Read more