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Celia Bryan-Brown

Celia Bryan-Brown

Celia has never judged a competition, spoken at a conference or won an award. No one is clamouring for her professional palate. She's never been a sommelier - or even been trusted to serve drinks in her waitress days given a nasty habit of dropping trays of G&Ts. She's not an MW, and has no plans to be; the diploma is bad enough. Her 9-5 is content creation for food, drink and lifestyle brands and publications, which happily involves a large proportion of time spent on Instagram. Her sole credentials? Surviving half a decade with Majestic Wine and drinking more than is medically recommended for someone of her size.


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16th Oct 2018 in Articles

How to make a hangover work for you

I saw Christmas decorations in the supermarket today. Admittedly, they were tucked behind ranks of lurid Halloween costumes – but still. Between these and the inexplicable (and surely eternally unused) nets-of-nuts, family pack chocolates and... Read more


23rd Jul 2018 in Articles

Wine's magic sauce

With the country sweltering through a heatwave, work sludges onwards towards August. Through an endless relay of ‘Out Of Office’ auto-responses, there’s only one thing everyone’s mind: holidays, and all that they symbolise.... Read more


28th May 2018 in Articles

Is sobriety a feminist issue?

Feminism is the watch-word du jour, and not just among women of a certain age and political inclination. The drive for gender equality, and, more saliently, accountability, had ‘feminism’ named 2017’s word of the year. There’s... Read more


29th Mar 2018 in Articles

Wine and social media: goodbye medium+ acidity?

Marketeers have referred to 2018 as the year of the influencer – and it surely will be for sectors which have clearly defined the distinction between celebrity and social media influencer. I don’t believe that wine is one of those sectors.... Read more


2nd Mar 2018 in Articles

Why Can’t We Accept Mothers Who Drink?

The ‘Wine Mom’ has become an infamous staple of popular culture. She loves a meme, her personalised ‘mummy juice’ glassware and sassy ‘wine o’clock’ kitchen signage – and she can’t resist the lure of a crisp glass of... Read more