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Brian Miller

Brian Miller

Brian Miller is a past president of The Wine Service Guild of Australia, council member of the Society of Wine Education, marketing manager for small, medium and large wine companies and an award-winning public speaker. He lectures and writes occasionally, eccentrically and erratically on wine matters, wine marketing and wine culture.


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29th Aug 2012 in Articles

Definitely Picking Time

the fucking sky looks fucking dim the fucking forecast's fucking grim the fucking fruit won't fucking set the fucking farm's in fucking debt my fucking pay's a fucking crime evidently picking... Read more


14th Jul 2012 in Articles

Wine at the movies

“I like to drink wine more than I used to. Anyway, I'm drinking more.” Marlon Brando, ‘The Godfather’ With... Read more


29th Nov 2011 in Articles

Biodynamic wine: more than moonshine?

"Biodynamics produces wines that make you think more clearly". This thought-provoking announcement was made by a winemaker recently in the press. He continued: “With biodynamic wine you are tasting all of the cosmos distilled down... Read more