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Andrea Frost

Andrea Frost

Andrea Frost is a wine writer whose work has been described as “more like an evening with a particularly erudite and witty dinner companion than a class at the local wine school”. She writes a monthly column for timatkin.com and contributes to The World of Fine Wine and Gourmet Traveller Wine. Andrea has received several awards for her writing including the 2013 Wine Communicators of Australia Wine Communicator of the Year, Best Wine Publication for her book Through A Sparkling Glass and a shortlist in the 2015 Louis Roederer International Wine Writing awards.   T: @andreajfrost


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28th Feb 2017 in Articles

Message in a bottle

It’s the lucky ones who find a message in the bottle. In his essay On Wine and Hashish, Charles Baudelaire writes of an old unknown... Read more


30th Jan 2017 in Articles

Where the wild things are

I was sitting at an old wooden bar at one of Wellington’s finest restaurants when I noticed the counter had been converted into a fish tank. Beneath my glass of Sauvignon Blanc a crayfish with claws the size of oven mitts shovelled pebbles from... Read more


28th Nov 2016 in Articles

When Wine Imitates Art

If you’re going to contemplate beauty in wine, you might as well do it in an art gallery. Well, that was my reasoning when I accepted the invitation, even if it was under the ruse of an all-women fundraiser for a cosy 200 guests on a bright... Read more


31st Oct 2016 in Articles


In the old days, it used to take a bottle of wine and free karaoke for people to let you know who they really are, but these days I find a holiday and an Instagram account does the trick. Of course, when I say “people”, I mean us. And when I... Read more


26th Sep 2016 in Articles

I'll have what Proust had

The other night, I was enjoying a moment of heightened pleasure resulting from that exquisite mix of company, conversation, conviviality and wine. As I did, I noted how the fusion of aromas with such intoxicating moments are how sensory memories... Read more


29th Aug 2016 in Articles

The Art of Comparison

In wine circles, we have a similarly complex relationship with comparisons. Which is odd, given we spend hundreds of hours every year, and many years every career, lining wines up against each other to compare their attributes. We compare the... Read more


25th Jul 2016 in Articles

On Wine and Europe

It is hard to think of wine and not think of Europe and its influence on wine and the people who drink it. So profound is Europe’s impact, it hardly bears noting. But as the world quarrels about where Europe’s lines should be drawn, and I am... Read more


28th Jun 2016 in Articles

She said, he said

I hadn’t expected we’d discuss gender issues during the Burgundy masterclass at the exclusive Len Evans Tutorial in the Hunter Valley, but somewhere between the Volnay and the Chambertin the issue arose. The Len Evans Tutorial is... Read more


31st May 2016 in Articles

What makes a good wine bar?

In his gentle 1946 essay Moon Under Water, George Orwell describes the merits of his favourite London public house. Qualities important to Orwell include atmosphere, barmaids who know their customers by name, the ability to walk freely... Read more


26th Apr 2016 in Articles

The charm and challenge of terroir

“It is a beautiful thing to be able to transmit the landscape in our wines,” said our host as she sat at the head of the tasting table. A panoramic window framed the rolling hills of Rioja behind her. I scribbled the quote down. Though I had... Read more