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6th Jul 2017

The Threat of Global Wine Terrorism

by Ron Washam

The threat of global terrorism has finally reached the wine business. Wineries, importers, sommeliers, wine writers— all have found themselves under siege from various loosely organized but determined groups of wine terrorists. Each of these... Read more


28th Jun 2017

Fino's context warning

by Sarah Abbott MW

Elegy V Here take my picture; though I bid farewellThine, in my heart, where my soul dwells, shall dwell. Tis like me now, but I dead, ‘twill be more When we are shadows both, than twas... Read more


16th Jun 2017

The winelover’s secret map

by Matt Walls

Standing in his sun-drenched hallway, my friend and I stood before the newly-hung painting that he bought not long ago. “With a bit of luck, it might even go up in value,” he said, with an arched eyebrow. I couldn’t help but think of the... Read more


8th Jun 2017

News from the Court of Natural Sommeliers

by Ron Washam

The Court of Natural Sommeliers is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications from qualified people in the wine trade who wish to pursue their N.S. There are currently 256 Natural Sommeliers in the world—220 are women, 30 are... Read more


7th Jun 2017

Is food and wine matching an art?

by Tim Atkin

At the height of her fame as a Strictly Come Dancing and Celebrity Fit Club contestant, the ex-Tory MP Ann Widdecombe was asked to write a book about how to lose weight. Her response was that were she to produce such a work, it would be very... Read more


17th May 2017

South America's march on the future

by Tim Atkin

This year is the 200th anniversary of one of the key events in Latin American history. In January 1817, the Army of the Andes set off from Mendoza, determined to end Spanish rule on the other side of the mountains. At its head were an... Read more


16th May 2017

Buona Sera: Singing for our supper

by Andrea Frost

Even the most adventurous wine travellers have a breaking point. I was standing on the kerb in a narrow street in Florence studying the façade of a restaurant that showed nothing if not promise. Empty wine bottles lined the window, a statue of... Read more


7th May 2017

The Tyranny of Travel

by Giles Cooke MW

If you’re of a certain age you may remember a routine by Ben Elton. He described his anxiety about getting on a train or a bus and how you “ gotta get a double seat”. His breathless delivery and growing panic about the need to control and... Read more


2nd May 2017

Sam Euthanasia, the World's Oldest Wine Critic, rates the 2016 Bordeaux

by Ron Washam

While other critics try to be the first to publish scores of a new Bordeaux vintage, Sam Euthanasia, who, at 95, is the World’s Oldest Wine Critic, as well as the most influential, takes his time. “Listen,” he tells me, “I’m in no... Read more


17th Apr 2017

The chef that writes wine lists

by Matt Walls

Which comes first: the celebrity chef’s animated persona or their success in television? Martin Lam has largely eschewed the media over his 45 years in the restaurant business. Perhaps it’s how he’s remained so down-to-earth; at 61, he has... Read more