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8th Apr 2016

The Climate Change Paradox

by Tim Atkin

You don’t have to be meteorologist to appreciate that something very unusual is happening to the world’s weather right now. I’ve just got back from South Africa, where dams were almost empty and the country has experienced the hottest,... Read more


4th Apr 2016

The truth about the 1976 Judgment of Paris

by Ron Washam

Forty years later, it’s time to finally reveal that the Paris Tasting of 1976 was staged, much like Neal Armstrong’s phony moon landing, Elvis Presley’s death and auction wines. Furthermore, the person claiming to be Steven Spurrier is... Read more


29th Mar 2016

Lone Woolf: a London Tasting Adventure

by Andrea Frost

In her 1930 essay Street Haunting, A London Adventure, Virginia Woolf used her search for a lead pencil as an excuse to indulge in “the greatest pleasure of town life in winter — rambling the streets of London”. Woolf’s walks... Read more


21st Mar 2016

South Africa triumphs at the Lismore Chardonnay tasting

by Tim Atkin

Way back in 1992, so long ago that it's even disappeared from remaindered bookshelves, I wrote a tome about Chardonnay. It was a tour d'horizon of the world's most popular white grape, with entries grouped by country from Argentina... Read more


20th Mar 2016

In your glass in sixty minutes

by Matt Walls

Whizzing home in my driverless car, I zip past yet another boarded-up wine shop. I suspected this one wouldn’t last much past 2020. You couldn’t sample the wines or buy food, and they didn’t have any wines you couldn’t find elsewhere.... Read more


9th Mar 2016

Bordeaux 2015: one big if

by Tim Atkin

You might not have noticed, but the annual Bordeaux en primeur campaign is almost upon us. After a quartet of poor to decent vintages, when the very raison d’être of selling the region’s wines as “futures” was called into question and... Read more


7th Mar 2016

A visit to the World's Greatest Wine Library

by Ron Washam

 Here it is 2095, and I’m only now visiting the World’s Greatest Wine Library. Its vastness is daunting, its resources unparalleled. On that shelf, the first wine book ever published. Printed by Gutenberg, it’s the first edition of the... Read more


29th Feb 2016

The Perfect Match

by Andrea Frost

What wine to pair with people? While tomes have been written on pairing wine with every intellectual and sensory accompaniment available to a thinking and feeling person –food, literature, music – it’s a wonder we spend so little time... Read more


24th Feb 2016

Age is just a number, unless...you're a bottle of wine

by Joelle Thomson

“Age is a just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine,” said the actress Joan Collins, who looks uncannily youthful at 82 years old. I set the expectation dial accordingly low when bracing... Read more


15th Feb 2016

The shock of the new

by Matt Walls

When tasting my way through a large number of unfamiliar wines, there are a few tell-tale signs that I’ve encountered something special. Firstly, an involuntary smile creeps over my face. Secondly, I find myself hurriedly writing a long note.... Read more