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17th Apr 2017

The chef that writes wine lists

by Matt Walls

Which comes first: the celebrity chef’s animated persona or their success in television? Martin Lam has largely eschewed the media over his 45 years in the restaurant business. Perhaps it’s how he’s remained so down-to-earth; at 61, he has... Read more


12th Apr 2017

Where have all the wine merchants gone?

by Tim Atkin

What makes a good wine merchant? As a significant chunk of the UK trade returns from Bordeaux, having tasted their way through a few hundred samples of youthful, unfinished claret of varying degrees of fidelity to the final bottled blends, it’s... Read more


3rd Apr 2017

Crapaholics Anonymous

by Ron Washam

Hello, my name is Ronald. And I’m a Crapaholic. Hello, Ronald! This is my first time speaking at a Crapaholics Anonymous meeting, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the wines I drink lately. I drink wines I like.... Read more


31st Mar 2017

Ignoring the wine snobs

by Felicity Carter

When I was a music student back in the 1990s, a bomb went off in classical music. The world’s three greatest tenors – Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and José Carreras (pictured) – had taken to singing together in football stadiums. To... Read more


20th Mar 2017

Rock n’ roll excess

by Matt Walls

When I listen to electro I crave Riesling. The precise polished perfection of the sound somehow recalls the technicolour citrus acidity of the... Read more


12th Mar 2017

Is meat really made for Malbec?

by Natasha Hughes

The wine trade loves a good shibboleth. Sauternes is the best match for foie gras, for instance. (Wrong, unless you’re into having your palate clagged up by an unctuous sweet wine that doesn’t have enough acidity to cleanse your palate after... Read more


12th Mar 2017

Making wine on the West Bank

by Anna Greenhous

Imagine a wine region where delays at checkpoints are a part of daily life and your land can be confiscated at any time for “security reasons”. Where daily life is made so unpredictable that it is hard to plan each day, let alone for the... Read more


7th Mar 2017

Can you mix wine and politics?

by Tim Atkin

“Stick to wine, Tim – you’re wasting time.” If you spend as many hours on social media channels as I do, then you get used to – and even rather enjoy - the odd spat. But this was different. The person who was advising me to keep my... Read more


6th Mar 2017

How the Russians are secretly destroying the wine business

by Ron Washam

Solid evidence has been slow in coming, but there is little doubt that over the past decade the Russian government, under the direction of Vladimir Putin, has been tampering with the wine business. The tampering has taken many different forms,... Read more


3rd Mar 2017

Tricky food and wine matches

by Natasha Hughes

I really shouldn’t admit this as I could be talking myself out of a job, but most food and wine matching comes down to basic common sense. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that heavy red wines work best with rich red meats, that the... Read more