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11th Oct 2017

Semillon: the naked grape

by Tim Atkin

When I was younger, fitter and considerably trimmer than I am now, I took part (twice) in a wine trade version of The Full Monty for charity. The name of our group of buffed up writers, sommeliers and importers was (geddit?) The Semillons. So,... Read more


4th Oct 2017

Wine is Just So Depressing

by Ron Washam

It’s just so hard to learn about wine. I try and I try, but, frankly, it’s depressing. Really depressing. I guess that’s just the way of the world right now. Everything makes me anxious and hopeless—even wine. There are countless books... Read more


14th Sep 2017

Lidl takes the low road

by Tim Atkin

It was a familiar scenario. Offer Brits what seems like a bargain and they’ll form orderly queues at 6.30am on a Bank Holiday Monday. To be fair to those early morning Lidl shoppers, it looked like a spectacular deal: a case of Prosecco for the... Read more


4th Sep 2017

The Emperor of Wine Donald Trump's Guerrilla Guide to Wine

by Ron Washam

Wine is simple, folks. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s simple. Believe me, I know simple. I married simple. Wine isn’t hard to understand. It isn’t hard to understand, trust me. Angela Merkel is hard to understand. I think... Read more


21st Aug 2017

Floral testimony

by Matt Walls

In the car park on my street there is a rose bush. Every so often when walking past I pause to cup one of the red flowers in my hand, bring it to my nose and inhale. The scent of a rose in bloom is as universal a pleasure as birdsong. So why are... Read more


9th Aug 2017

Burgundy's net benefits

by Tim Atkin

It’s squeaky bum time in Chablis at the moment. Grape growers all over the world consult weather forecasts on a regular basis, but in the Yonne it’s almost an obsession. You can see why the locals are worried: nature has picked them out for... Read more


6th Aug 2017

Parker in the Bardo

by Ron Washam

The Emperor of Wine was brooding. What had it all been for, he asked himself. The power, the points, the bluster. Now, nearly 70, the body breaking down like En Primeur sales without his scores, collapsing under its own weight, mired in the... Read more


2nd Aug 2017

Whose wine is it anyway?

by Sarah Abbott

“…and cool wine, fitting glove-like over those finer nerves that seem to tremble from the roof of my mouth and make it spread (as I drink) into a domed cavern, green with vine leaves, musk-scented, purple with grapes. Now I can... Read more


18th Jul 2017

Australian wine's coming of age

by Andrea Frost

Several months ago, I was tasting wine in a Melbourne restaurant when my thoughts turned to that of our national character. What makes Australian wine Australian? It was hardly surprising it arose when it did; I was tasting French and... Read more


14th Jul 2017

Roll over leafroll?

by Tim Atkin

The vineyards of the Western Cape are at their most beautiful in the autumn, a variegated canvas of browns, reds, oranges and yellows. But those colours hide a secret that has done untold damage to the South African wine industry and continues to... Read more