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22nd Apr 2010

Riesling and the high Mosel bridge

by Tim Atkin

"Ah, classic aromas of petrol on the nose." Professional wine speak can sound silly at the best of times, but the description that invariably makes punters splutter into their Paris goblets is the one used to describe the smell of mature... Read more


16th Apr 2010

Teaching students to drink wine

by Tim Atkin

When I first heard about a French government proposal to hold wine tastings on university campuses, I assumed it was a belated April Fool. But the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Offering free booze to students is like... Read more


15th Apr 2010

Bordeaux plays cat and mouse

by Tim Atkin

There were sixteen flags fluttering forlornly in the drizzle outside Château Ducru-Beaucaillou, each representing a different nation. Some of them were making their debuts at the 2009 en primeur tastings, specifically installed to welcome... Read more


3rd Apr 2010

Thank you, Mr Darling

by Tim Atkin

Even when you’re prepared for it, a punch to the stomach still hurts. Alistair Darling warned the wine industry in March 2008 that the annual duty escalator would be 2% above inflation until 2012 (subsequently extended to 2015), but there... Read more


2nd Apr 2010

How Much Should You Spend on a Bottle of Wine?

by Tim Atkin

Imagine buying a case of wine. Now imagine removing six bottles and leaving them on Alistair Darling’s doorstep. That, in effect, is the upshot of last week’s budget, which has pushed duty to £1.69 a bottle, the highest in Europe after... Read more


25th Mar 2010

Black Tower and the spirit of the Seventies

by Tim Atkin

It was a Life on Mars moment. Hearing about the imminent relaunch of Black Tower made me feel like Sam Tyler, the detective in the BBC television series who gets hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up in the 1970s. Black Tower Liebfraumilch was... Read more


21st Mar 2010

A Hedonist's Paradise

by Tim Atkin

No one needs an excuse to go to Wellington, New Zealand's most cosmopolitan, food-loving city, when it's central heating and thermals time back in Europe. But throw in the chance to attend a three day conference dedicated to Pinot Noir, the... Read more


21st Mar 2010

Are we ready for Turkish wine?

by Tim Atkin

"Read it? I know him." Travelling around Turkey on a wine trip, there are times when you're reminded of the joke about the Polish man who goes to the optician's and is asked to decipher a line of random letters. It took me a week to learn how... Read more


18th Mar 2010

Happy Birthday, Cloudy Bay

by Tim Atkin

Happy birthday, Cloudy Bay. As the first grapes of 2010 are picked in Marlborough, New Zealand’s largest wine region, the country’s most famous winery is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Who would have guessed, back in... Read more


14th Mar 2010

A beginner's guide to Champagne

by Tim Atkin

THE WINE BOX Become an instant expert -- this month: Champagne Dom Pérignon didn't invent bubbles; we did. Christopher Merret presented a paper to the Royal Society about sparkling wine in December 1662, six years... Read more