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9th Jul 2010

How fine is Tesco's Finest*?

by Tim Atkin

Tesco's Finest, or rather Finest*, wine range is celebrating its tenth birthday at the moment, complete with a press tasting, some corporate chest beating and a Finest Limited Edition 2000 Vintage selection, including specially chosen wines... Read more


1st Jul 2010

Eating out? Please bring a bottle

by Tim Atkin

How do you spend $47,221.09 on lunch for six people? Assuming your credit card company will authorise the transaction, it's surprisingly easy if you're a billionaire. To paraphrase Withnail in the cult film, Withnail & I, you just order... Read more


25th Jun 2010

Au revoir, Chamarré?

by Tim Atkin

"Made in France, enjoyed everywhere," runs the tag line on Chamarré's appropriately colourful website. At the time of writing, both parts of this statement remain true, but for how much longer? The French wine brand that promised to say "no... Read more


24th Jun 2010

The trouble with Australia

by Tim Atkin

Australians don't do pessimism. They're generally such a chipper, stop-moaning-and-get on with-it nation that they'd rather share a hot tub with a great white shark than be accused of whingeing like a Pom. But hang around anyone who works in... Read more


18th Jun 2010

Grenache and Woody Allen's Zelig

by Tim Atkin

Some grapes are born great, some achieve greatness, while others have greatness thrust upon them. But what about the supporting actors: the spear carriers, the chorus, the walk-on parts? There are thousands of grapes varieties in the world,... Read more


11th Jun 2010

What's great about Grenache

by Tim Atkin

Delegates at the first ever conference dedicated to Grenache were handed a bag celebrating "G-Day" upon arrival, a tongue-in-cheek allusion to the Normandy landings in June sixty-six years earlier. To some, the pun might seem a little crass,... Read more


11th Jun 2010

World Cup Wines

by Tim Atkin

Here we go. Or rather 'ere we go, 'ere we go, 'ere we go. Unless you've been in solitary confinement for the last year, you'll be aware that the World Cup kicks off in Johannesburg tomorrow. Even my wife, who normally shows as much interest... Read more


3rd Jun 2010

A taste of English fizz

by Tim Atkin

How do you define Englishness? To some, it's village greens, warm beer, stiff upper lips, pinstriped suits and the changing of the guard. To others, it's a little less idealised and old-fashioned. As one wit put it when asked to name the five... Read more


1st Jun 2010

Beaujolais - more than nouveau

by Tim Atkin

Talking about Beaujolais in May feels weird, like donning thermals in the height of summer. This vibrant, juicy red is so closely associated with Beaujolais nouveau day, a worldwide celebration held on the third Thursday in November, that... Read more


28th May 2010

LIWF: what does the future hold?

by Tim Atkin

How was it for you? As the spittoons were emptied at the end of the 2010 London International Wine Fair, it was the question on the lips of many of the show's 1100-odd exhibitors. Opinions ranged from the very positive to the grumblingly... Read more