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1st Jul 2010

Eating out? Please bring a bottle

by Tim Atkin

How do you spend $47,221.09 on lunch for six people? Assuming your credit card company will authorise the transaction, it's surprisingly easy if you're a billionaire. To paraphrase Withnail in the cult film, Withnail & I, you just order... Read more


30th Apr 2010

What makes a great sommelier?

by Tim Atkin

It's been a mixed month for Gallic gastronomy. If the French were insulted by the fact that their country didn't feature once in Restaurant Magazine's list of the top 10 eateries in the world, they could at least take solace in the result of... Read more


16th Apr 2010

Teaching students to drink wine

by Tim Atkin

When I first heard about a French government proposal to hold wine tastings on university campuses, I assumed it was a belated April Fool. But the more you think about it, the more sense it makes. Offering free booze to students is like... Read more


25th Mar 2010

Black Tower and the spirit of the Seventies

by Tim Atkin

It was a Life on Mars moment. Hearing about the imminent relaunch of Black Tower made me feel like Sam Tyler, the detective in the BBC television series who gets hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up in the 1970s. Black Tower Liebfraumilch was... Read more


17th Jan 2010

The Perfect Dozen

by Tim Atkin

If you gave up booze for a month on 1 January, as several of my friends did, you may have reached the point, two weeks later, when you've locked away the corkscrew and are deliberately avoiding supermarket wine aisles. I've never been one for... Read more


10th Jan 2010

Beyond the Big Six grape varieties

by Tim Atkin

"I love Chablis, but I can't stand Chardonnay." "I hate Sancerre, but I adore Sauvignon Blanc." You used to hear such comments all the time, even from people who claimed to know about wine, but they are rare these days. The major grape... Read more


13th Dec 2009

Best fizz of 2009

by Tim Atkin

With 12 days to go until Christmas, I'd like to propose a yuletide toast to Professor Gérard Liger-Belair of the University of Reims. He it was who proved earlier this year what many of us have long suspected: that sparkling wines are... Read more


7th Dec 2009

The Atkins. My wines of the year for 2009

by Tim Atkin

First, the good news. Not since 1990 has the world enjoyed such a consistently promising vintage as it did in 2009. The châteaux owners of Bordeaux may be leading the field in the hype stakes -- this will be the third "vintage of the... Read more


8th Nov 2009

Christmas reds and whites

by Tim Atkin

WHITE   2008 Errazuriz Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley (£4.99 each for two, 13.5%, Majestic). Reduced from £7.99, which makes it a stunning deal, this is an easy drinking, peach and citrus fruit Chilean Chardonnay with a... Read more


25th Oct 2009

Seeing the Light

by Tim Atkin

Imagine the scene in A&E. A patient is nursing a badly sprained wrist and the duty doctor asks what happened. Various possibilities jostle in his mind. Over-enthusiastic gym visit? Domestic squabble? Fall on black ice? The patient looks... Read more