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13th Dec 2009

Best fizz of 2009

by Tim Atkin

With 12 days to go until Christmas, I'd like to propose a yuletide toast to Professor Gérard Liger-Belair of the University of Reims. He it was who proved earlier this year what many of us have long suspected: that sparkling wines are... Read more


7th Dec 2009

The Atkins. My wines of the year for 2009

by Tim Atkin

First, the good news. Not since 1990 has the world enjoyed such a consistently promising vintage as it did in 2009. The châteaux owners of Bordeaux may be leading the field in the hype stakes -- this will be the third "vintage of the... Read more


8th Nov 2009

Christmas reds and whites

by Tim Atkin

WHITE   2008 Errazuriz Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley (£4.99 each for two, 13.5%, Majestic). Reduced from £7.99, which makes it a stunning deal, this is an easy drinking, peach and citrus fruit Chilean Chardonnay with a... Read more


21st Sep 2009

Sparkling form

by Tim Atkin

Help! I fear I'm turning into a Prosecco snob. You might think this is slightly silly - like favouring one daytime soap over another - but I'm serious. There are lots of wines on the market that use the P word and the differences between... Read more


2nd Aug 2009

Off licences in a recession

by Tim Atkin

One of my favourite websites is worst-jobs.com. Whenever friends moan about their lot, I show them what others have to do to earn a stale crust: worm taster, porn theatre janitor, sub-editor on the Daily Mail. Sad people even post details of... Read more