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7th May 2018

Erotica for the Natural Wine Lover

by Ron Washam

He was the most handsome man in the bar. I knew he was the one when he walked over to the jukebox and selected my favorite song — The Police’s “Qvevri Little Thing She Does is Magic.” He caught my eye and then casually took the... Read more


3rd May 2018

Wine and Opera: Traveling Down Parallel Roads?

by Christy Canterbury MW

The opening text incensed me. It was The New York Times review of The Metropolitan Opera’s Elektra by Anthony... Read more


30th Apr 2018

Accented French - the red wines of north-eastern Greece

by Peter Pharos

Every oenophile probably has that one moment of public blind tasting when it All Goes Right. Mine came sometime in the mid-noughties at the rooftop bar of the Athens Hilton. I was rushing to meet friends after a long day at work and already... Read more


23rd Apr 2018

Missing link

by Matt Walls

The UK is home to over 400 branches of Nando’s. Greene King runs over 3,100 pubs and restaurants. There are over 2,300 Costa cafes; 12 in Chelmsford alone. We British love a chain. So why are there so few sizeable chains of wine bars? Only... Read more


16th Apr 2018

Protecting the global spirit of wine

by Tim Atkin

Anyone who thinks that wine and politics inhabit different worlds might like to have a word with some Californian producers right now. As part of the escalating trade war between the world’s two largest economies, China has responded to... Read more


2nd Apr 2018

The NRA Wine Club - Locked and Loaded

by Ron Washam

Hello, I’m Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association inviting you to become a member of the NRA Wine Club. At the NRA, we believe that nothing goes better with live ammunition than several glasses of specially-selected NRA Wine Club... Read more


29th Mar 2018

Wine and social media: goodbye medium+ acidity?

by Celia Bryan-Brown

Marketeers have referred to 2018 as the year of the influencer – and it surely will be for sectors which have clearly defined the distinction between celebrity and social media influencer. I don’t believe that wine is one of those sectors.... Read more


25th Mar 2018

The Lismore Sauvignon Blanc Tasting

by Tim Atkin

The fourth annual Lismore tasting, pitching South Africa against the rest of the world, focused on wooded Sauvignon Blanc and white Bordeaux blends. In previous editions we have looked at Syrah, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Cape has always held... Read more


16th Mar 2018

English wine and the Union Flag

by Tim Atkin

What does the Union Jack symbolise to you? Pride? Shame? Sovereignty? Populism? Peace? Colonialism? All are possible responses and have been almost since the flag was designed in 1800 to reflect the Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland.... Read more


11th Mar 2018

The Rollercoaster of the US Wine Landscape

by Christy Canterbury MW

The US wine industry is perched precipitously atop a rollercoaster – on one of those tummy-turning peaks where you can’t see over the front to anticipate which way you’re lurching next. Most people I speak to in the wine industry are filled... Read more