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6th Jul 2018

Do icon wines undermine typicity?

by Christy Canterbury MW

When I was studying for the Master of Wine exam, the running joke (and reality) about my study group’s wines was that the Institute couldn’t afford the very best wines. We comforted ourselves that we didn’t have to worry about... Read more


2nd Jul 2018

The HoseMaster of Wine™ Sits for the Master of Wine Exam

by Ron Washam

I recently sat for the Master of Wine exam. I was in my own apartment, alone, and I was wearing only a bath robe and a Donald Trump merkin, which is how I imagined an insane person would take the test. I aced it. Insane people always do.... Read more


25th Jun 2018

Score Settling

by Peter Pharos

We are all men and women of the world, us. We know that wine is poetry in a bottle, a marriage of art and craft, its enjoyment the result of myriad quasi-random processes where the drinker and the circumstances are every bit as important as... Read more


25th Jun 2018

Undeniable class

by Matt Walls

Imagine trying to buy a bottle of Burgundy if appellations didn’t exist. You’d have the producer, the vintage, maybe a brand name. But with no agreed village boundaries, let alone Premiers or Grands Crus, how well could you really get to know... Read more


12th Jun 2018

Sparkling English Wine Writing

by Peter Pharos

A short time after the Brexit Referendum, I wrote a piece for a Wine Writing Competition [1]. Those were the heady times of the Birmingham conference, with their Citizens of Nowhere and Foreign Staff Lists, the Conservative Party looking like... Read more


10th Jun 2018

Does somewhereness matter in wine?

by Tim Atkin

I’ve never been to the Phantom River in New Zealand’s South Island, but a quick search on line shows that it rises in the Ben McLeod Range and joins the Orari River close to Peel Forest. With its echoes of nature, mystery and the gold rush,... Read more


4th Jun 2018

A day at the Napa Valley Old Wine Critics Home

by Ron Washam

“You want to know what really drives me nuts?” Sam Euthanasia, World’s Oldest Wine Critic, tells me, “The whole place smells like pee. It’s like spending the day judging goddam supermarket New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. And if I wanted to... Read more


28th May 2018

Is sobriety a feminist issue?

by Celia Bryan-Brown

Feminism is the watch-word du jour, and not just among women of a certain age and political inclination. The drive for gender equality, and, more saliently, accountability, had ‘feminism’ named 2017’s word of the year. There’s... Read more


26th May 2018

What have wine critics ever done for us?

by Peter Pharos

Wine is a many-maligned thing. The punters are snobs and bores; the servers are sycophants or stuck-up; the vendors dress the emperor in the finest invisible silk. None, however, is more deserving of scorn than the critic: depending on who you... Read more


17th May 2018

Wine's race to the bottom

by Tim Atkin

Does anyone remember Safeway? In its day, it had one of the best supermarket wine ranges in the UK: diverse, daring and invariably well selected. When the chain was taken over by Morrisons in March 2004, its then director of wine, Matthew Stubbs... Read more