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28th Nov 2017

Signing Off

by Andrea Frost

After almost three years, 25 columns and more than 30,000 words, I’m sad to say, I’m getting off here; this is my final column for timatkin.com. The decision has not come easily. I’ve loved writing the column and learnt a lot doing it. But... Read more


24th Nov 2017

Calm down, dear

by Sarah Abbott MW

And those who are beautiful,who can contain them?Rainer Maria Rilke Remember this! No amount of Bacchic revelling can corrupt an honest women.Euripides, The Bacchae Last week a wine trade... Read more


12th Nov 2017

Blind Review of Jon Bonné's "The New Wine Rules"

by Ron Washam

I wanted to read Jon Bonné’s latest wine book, “The New Wine Rules,” but I have a new rule myself. I don’t read books about wine rules. Books about wine rules, which every famous wine writer seems to feel is his or her duty to write,... Read more


9th Nov 2017

What the Clos de Tart sale means for the future of Burgundy

by Tim Atkin

Remind me never to play poker against Frédéric Engerer. On Thursday evening last week, I was tasting at Domaine d’Eugénie in Vosne-Romanée with the CEO of Artémis Domaines and asked him about the impending sale of Clos de Tart. The 7.53-... Read more


22nd Oct 2017

Wine clubs: what's your tribe?

by Sarah Abbott MW

“I have a mind to join a club, and beat you over the head with it.” Groucho Marx As a child, I was often at my nan’s for the Methodist ladies bible club. They got together weekly for mutual confidence and enlightenment,... Read more


16th Oct 2017

Has the sun set on UK wine blogging?

by Matt Walls

What does success look like for the UK’s best wine bloggers? Gaining ever more readers? An endless stream of free samples? Or perhaps earning money from advertising? It’s different for everyone, but for many wine bloggers it turns out that... Read more


11th Oct 2017

Semillon: the naked grape

by Tim Atkin

When I was younger, fitter and considerably trimmer than I am now, I took part (twice) in a wine trade version of The Full Monty for charity. The name of our group of buffed up writers, sommeliers and importers was (geddit?) The Semillons. So,... Read more


4th Oct 2017

Wine is Just So Depressing

by Ron Washam

It’s just so hard to learn about wine. I try and I try, but, frankly, it’s depressing. Really depressing. I guess that’s just the way of the world right now. Everything makes me anxious and hopeless—even wine. There are countless books... Read more


14th Sep 2017

Lidl takes the low road

by Tim Atkin

It was a familiar scenario. Offer Brits what seems like a bargain and they’ll form orderly queues at 6.30am on a Bank Holiday Monday. To be fair to those early morning Lidl shoppers, it looked like a spectacular deal: a case of Prosecco for the... Read more


4th Sep 2017

The Emperor of Wine Donald Trump's Guerrilla Guide to Wine

by Ron Washam

Wine is simple, folks. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s simple. Believe me, I know simple. I married simple. Wine isn’t hard to understand. It isn’t hard to understand, trust me. Angela Merkel is hard to understand. I think... Read more