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23rd Dec 2010

Towards a new Chile (Part Two)

by Tim Atkin

I had an unprecedented number of exciting wines on my recent trip to Chile, several of them made from Carmenère, a grape I once described as a “second division variety”. I’m starting to change my mind. This list of 21 of... Read more


14th Dec 2010

Towards a new Chile (Part One)

by Tim Atkin

How would you like to be remembered? I have a horrible suspicion that when my spittoon is emptied for the last time I will for ever be associated with an off-the-cuff comment I made about Chile a few years ago. I compared this long exclamation... Read more


10th Dec 2010

The world beyond Bordeaux

by Tim Atkin

Here we go again. The high octane excitement surrounding the 2009 Bordeaux vintage has only just abated, but four months before the next en primeur campaign kicks off, 2010 is already been talked up as yet another brilliant harvest in the... Read more


30th Nov 2010

Which wine region could you live without?

by Tim Atkin

My esteemed colleague, Jancis Robinson MW, recently published an interesting article on her website about the expanding world of wine. She referred to a number... Read more


28th Nov 2010

The rebirth of Lebanese wine

by Tim Atkin

A five hour flight to Lebanon coupled with a lengthy, fog-bound delay at Heathrow is a good time to do some reading about this most complex of Middle Eastern countries. Your mind spins trying to remember the names of the nineteen officially... Read more


22nd Nov 2010

Odds-on winner

by Tim Atkin

Why don't off-licence managers look out of the window in the morning? The answer, according to a joke that's doing the rounds in the booze trade, is that they'd have nothing to do in the afternoon. The news that First Quench Retailing, the... Read more


13th Nov 2010

The Outsiders come to London

by Tim Atkin

“Have you ever thought about making your own wine?” If you write about fermented grape juice for a living it doesn’t take long before someone asks you the question. It always contains a splash of implied criticism. Why don’t you get... Read more


11th Nov 2010

Time to learn Mandarin?

by Tim Atkin

David Cameron's visit to Beijing this week at the head of the biggest-ever British trade delegation acknowledged a simple, if slightly uncomfortable fact. For the foreseeable future, the world's economy will be driven and dominated by... Read more


3rd Nov 2010

Why is Asia in love with Lafite?

by Tim Atkin

A long face is almost de rigueur for anyone working in the London wine trade right now. There was a brief outbreak of optimism in the late spring and... Read more


29th Oct 2010

Wrangles at Wine Australia

by Tim Atkin

What’s happening to the Australian wine industry at the moment reminds me of the famous line from Oscar Wilde’s play, The Importance of Being Earnest: “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like... Read more