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16th Jul 2012

Pierre Mansour: Wine Society selector

by Matt Walls

It does not sell Armand de Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ Champagne, nor does it sponsor the drinks at footballers’ weddings. The Wine Society doesn’t court the ‘glamour’ end of the drinks business. It quietly gets on with what it has been... Read more


14th Jul 2012

Wine at the movies

by Brian Miller

“I like to drink wine more than I used to. Anyway, I'm drinking more.” Marlon Brando, ‘The Godfather’ With... Read more


2nd Jul 2012

What's the point of posh tastings?

by Tim Atkin

A friend of mine who’s a barrister calls what I do for a living “the most un-job like job in the world”. It’s a common perception. “Need an unpaid assistant?” I get asked on a regular basis, although the offers are less frequent when... Read more


15th Jun 2012

Lord Sugar's nose for fine wine

by Tim Atkin

It’s a rare occurrence, admittedly, but there are times when Lord Sugar, the original East End barrow boy made good, talks a lot of sense. The latest series of The Apprentice was a bit of a yawn – Sugar invested £250,000 of his fortune in a... Read more


31st May 2012

Sicily: a continent comes of age

by Tim Atkin

There’s a spot on the north face of Etna, Sicily’s smouldering, still active volcano, where you can stand in front of the remnants of the last big lava flow, a jagged solidified wall of black pumice. It’s a useful reminder of two things:... Read more


31st May 2012

My top ten wine and travel destinations

by Tim Atkin

THE MOSEL VALLEY (Germany) Why should you visit? To taste the sublime Rieslings – regarded by many experts as the world’s best white grape – and to marvel at thier featherweight balance. The... Read more


20th May 2012

Wine, toilet paper and Costco

by Tim Atkin

Like many of you, I suspect, I’d never heard of Annette Alvarez-Peters until she appeared on American television recently, chatting about wine, toilet paper and televisions. But suddenly, she’s all over the Internet, a figure of opprobrium... Read more


10th May 2012

My top 50 Argentine wines 2012

by Tim Atkin

These are 50 of my favourite Argentine wines, shown at a tasting in London yesterday and selected from an extensive report to be published next month.... Read more


5th May 2012

Alsace and the meaning of tradition

by Tim Atkin

The wine world thrives on novelty: new vintages, new flavours, new producers. In some ways, this is both understandable and necessary. Creating a bit of sizzle around a category that, in the UK at least, is struggling against a combination of... Read more


20th Apr 2012

Should Bordeaux en primeur take a holiday?

by Tim Atkin

Nothing divides opinions quite like Bordeaux en primeur. If you’ve spent the last few weeks in the Australian outback, without access to a mobile phone or the internet, you might have missed the brouhaha surrounding the annual pre-Easter... Read more