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20th Jan 2012

Burgundy 2010: the year of the sorting table

by Tim Atkin

Burgundy week has become such an established feature of the annual tasting circuit – half of London’s livery halls, art galleries and old court rooms seem to be taken over by growers pouring samples – that no one ever stops to question the... Read more


14th Jan 2012

Me, Kurt Vonnegut and wine

by Tim Atkin

One of my favourite cuttings, passed on to me by my father more than a decade ago, first appeared in an unlikely place: Inc. Technology magazine. It's an interview with the late Kurt Vonnegut, best known for the satirical novel... Read more


12th Dec 2011

Crystal ball gazing: the world of wine in 2012

by Tim Atkin

As this is the last OLN of 2011, I’ve pulled my dusty crystal ball from my bottom drawer a little earlier than usual. Predicting anything is unwise at the moment – the euro is tottering, the weather is all over the place and the state of the... Read more


11th Dec 2011

Win a Christmas Hamper from Berry Brothers

by Tim Atkin

Xmas Competition Berry Brothers & Rudd have kindly offered one of their Best of British hampers (worth £219) as a prize for my Christmas competion. All you have to do is complete the following sentence in an... Read more


8th Dec 2011

Twelve Christmas wines under £10

by Tim Atkin

Bearing in mind that most of us are broke at this time of year, I've decided to keep things simple and affordable this Christmas, restricting my choices to just a dozen bottles, all of them under £10. What I've focused on is great value, which... Read more


29th Nov 2011

Biodynamic wine: more than moonshine?

by Brian Miller

"Biodynamics produces wines that make you think more clearly". This thought-provoking announcement was made by a winemaker recently in the press. He continued: “With biodynamic wine you are tasting all of the cosmos distilled down... Read more


25th Nov 2011

Who pays wine critics?

by Tim Atkin

The campaigning journalist George Monbiot stirred up a considerable amount of debate among hacks recently when he decided to publish a registry of his financial interests on his ... Read more


23rd Nov 2011

Does Decanter Magazine make you blush?

by Matt Walls

There was one magazine above all that I found embarrassing to buy as a student. I used to surreptitiously snatch it from the newsstand and guiltily stuff it into a brown paper bag at the till, in the hope that no-one would see. No, not Playboy;... Read more


13th Nov 2011

Beards, wine and biodynamism

by Tim Atkin

I was keeping my eyes out for deer’s bladders in the rafters or even the odd cow horn, but it was the facial hair that was more noticeable at this week’s Biodyvin tasting in London. Biodynamic winemakers appear to share a love of abundant... Read more


12th Nov 2011

The rocky road to the Chinese wine market

by Tim Atkin

The attendance of Robert Parker, the world’s most influential wine critic, may have garnered the pre-conference headlines, but the most eagerly awaited panel at Wine Future Hong Kong 2011 was the one dedicated to selling wine in Asia. The... Read more