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30th Sep 2011

Cherishing the unpredictability of wine

by Tim Atkin

The jazz singer Nina Simone was a notoriously moody performer. Catch her on a good night and she was sublime; hear her play on a bad one and she was terrible: grumpy, sullen and uninterested. Fans of Van Morrison and Elvis Costello will recognize... Read more


27th Sep 2011

Wine Families and How to Survive Them

by Tim Atkin

The comedian John Cleese once published a conversational if surprisingly serious book called “Families and how to survive them”. You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud, or a member of the Monty Python team, to recognise that relationships... Read more


19th Sep 2011

Bordeaux 2011: first impressions

by Tim Atkin

It feels as if the 2010 Bordeaux campaign has only just ended, but attention spans are shorter than ankle socks in the Gironde. As the world’s largest fine wine region grapples with a much more difficult harvest, the focus has already... Read more


15th Sep 2011

Independents' day with The Dirty Dozen

by Tim Atkin

Dartmouth House, the home of the English Speaking Union, is an unlikely place for a revolutionary gathering. Set in the heart of Mayfair, it feels like a slightly fusty gentleman's club and has the Duke of Edinburgh as its president. The sense of... Read more


1st Sep 2011

Human rights in the Cape winelands

by Tim Atkin

Talk about negative publicity. No wine industry would welcome headlines about the "dismal, dangerous lives" of its agricultural workers, but for South Africa, still keen to persuade the world that it has moved on from its benighted past, the... Read more


29th Aug 2011

Lodi: California's missing link

by Tim Atkin

You can drive from the southern end of the Napa Valley to Lodi at the northern end of the Central Valley in just over an hour, but the two regions belong to different worlds. To many people, they are the alpha and omega of the California wine... Read more


19th Aug 2011

What price wine elitism?

by Tim Atkin

Maybe no one should be surprised that when looters took to the streets in Clapham Junction last week, one of the few shops they left untouched was Waterstone’s. They were evidently more interested in trainers, cigarettes and sunglasses than... Read more


4th Aug 2011

Celebrating 25 years of the IPNC

by Tim Atkin

What would a neo-Prohibitionist make of the International Pinot Noir Celebration in McMinnville, Oregon? There's enough wine consumed over the course of the three day festival to stock a... Read more


16th Jul 2011

Bordeaux 2010: end of term report

by Tim Atkin

At last, the 2010 en primeur campaign is over. Even for people who are fascinated by what happens in the world’s largest fine wine region, it had become a bore by the end. Our in-boxes groaned with daily emails from merchants desperate to flog... Read more


8th Jul 2011

South Africa's Mediterranean future

by Tim Atkin

For anyone interested in South African wine, London has been as exciting a place to be as Cape Town over the last month. First we were treated to an audience with Eben Sadie, arguably the country's finest winemaker, and a vertical tasting of... Read more