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9th Nov 2011

What if the Mayans were right?

by Randall Grahm

According to the people who know about these things, the last Mayan calendar, which spanned a period of approximately 1,872,000 days, ended just a couple of weeks ago (Oct. 28th). Since the world seems to still be here, albeit a little the worse... Read more


4th Nov 2011

The pick of Waitrose's wine range

by Tim Atkin

RED2010 Saumur, Les Nivières (£7.49, 13%) Essence of Loire Cabernet Franc, this unoaked red is a delight: soft and grassy with fresh acidity, no oak and pure blackcurrant and green pepper... Read more


1st Nov 2011

German Pinot Noir comes of age

by Tim Atkin

Question: which country is the world’s third biggest producer of Pinot Noir? I’d always imagined the top five would be France (Champagne boosts the numbers), the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Chile. But on a visit to Germany earlier this... Read more


31st Oct 2011

Putting the boot into heavy reds

by Tim Atkin

One of the hardest things in life is to admit that you’ve made a mistake. Whatever we choose to call it – a blunder, a cock up or an error of judgment – it’s much easier to pretend that we are infallible. The bigger the ego, the... Read more


30th Oct 2011

My pick of Sainsbury's 25% off wine deal

by Tim Atkin

Sainsbury's is offering a 25% discount on six bottles of wine until midnight on 1st November, both online and in store. This includes fine wines,... Read more


21st Oct 2011

The wine list at Zum Schwarzen Kameel

by Tim Atkin

Zum Schwarzen Kameel is a Viennese institution, located in the heart of the historic first district since the early 17th... Read more


17th Oct 2011

Reviewing Platter

by Tim Atkin

It was flattering that the team from South Africa’s respected Platter Guide chose to announce their latest 5 Star awards at the Cape Wine Europe tasting in London recently. The presence of a number of the UK’s top journalists at the tables... Read more


14th Oct 2011

Who needs generic wine tastings?

by Tim Atkin

Hands up who watched, let alone attended, any of the party conferences this autumn? Yup, I thought so. You have to be a serious political wonk (or a paid lobbyist or journalist) to take more than a passing interest in these boring, outmoded,... Read more


10th Oct 2011

Wine dynasties and how to survive them

by Tim Atkin

The comedian John Cleese once published a conversational if surprisingly serious book called "Families and how to survive them". You don't have to be Sigmund Freud, or a member of the Monty Python team, to recognise that... Read more


3rd Oct 2011

Au revoir, Monsieur Dubosc

by Tim Atkin

It’s hard to imagine the Cave de Plaimont, one of the most forward thinking co-operatives in France, without André Dubosc. He’s been associated with the Gascon operation since 1972, first as winemaker and then as... Read more