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20th Aug 2012

Argentina's Malbec obsession

by Tim Atkin

Is Argentina too dependent on Malbec? The question might seem absurd – few countries have managed to associate themselves so successfully with a single grape – but it’s beginning to worry some producers. The partial commoditisation of... Read more


17th Aug 2012

Wine and the Olympic spirit

by Tim Atkin

What a fortnight. Even if you have little or no interest in sports – be they sitting down, standing up or floating in a pool – you have to admit that the 30th Olympiad was a brilliant event, staged with style, humour and no little talent here... Read more


15th Aug 2012

Try before you buy: the future of wine?

by Natasha Hughes

Some 10 years ago, when I first started out as a wine, journalist I was commissioned (by a certain Tim Atkin) to write about why people bought the wines they did. I spent a week or so lurking in the aisles of supermarkets and high street wine... Read more


8th Aug 2012

When bloggers become wine retailers

by Matt Walls

It used to be easy. Not so long ago, the UK wine landscape could be mapped on three points of a triangle: those who sold the wine (aka the industry or ‘wine trade’), those who bought the wine (aka consumers) and those who wrote about it (aka... Read more


25th Jul 2012

Too much bottle?

by Simon Woolf

It's the wine industry's dirty little secret. The back label tells you about the wine producer's respect for the environment, their commitment to preserving the terroir and farming sustainably. But that great big heavy glass bottle could triple... Read more


20th Jul 2012

Carignan: Chile returns to its roots

by Tim Atkin

Think of a word to describe the Chilean wine industry. Dependable? Consistent? Mass-produced? I’ve played this game with consumers and Chile generally elicits such responses. People in the wine trade feel the same way. Chile is respected... Read more


16th Jul 2012

Pierre Mansour: Wine Society selector

by Matt Walls

It does not sell Armand de Brignac ‘Ace of Spades’ Champagne, nor does it sponsor the drinks at footballers’ weddings. The Wine Society doesn’t court the ‘glamour’ end of the drinks business. It quietly gets on with what it has been... Read more


14th Jul 2012

Wine at the movies

by Brian Miller

“I like to drink wine more than I used to. Anyway, I'm drinking more.” Marlon Brando, ‘The Godfather’ With... Read more


2nd Jul 2012

What's the point of posh tastings?

by Tim Atkin

A friend of mine who’s a barrister calls what I do for a living “the most un-job like job in the world”. It’s a common perception. “Need an unpaid assistant?” I get asked on a regular basis, although the offers are less frequent when... Read more


15th Jun 2012

Lord Sugar's nose for fine wine

by Tim Atkin

It’s a rare occurrence, admittedly, but there are times when Lord Sugar, the original East End barrow boy made good, talks a lot of sense. The latest series of The Apprentice was a bit of a yawn – Sugar invested £250,000 of his fortune in a... Read more