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27th Oct 2012

Do New World wines age?

by Tim Atkin

What’s the difference between a New and an Old World wine? Twenty-seven years ago, when I started writing about the subject, the distinction was clear-cut. The received wisdom was that the former made fruity, easy-drinking wines, often with... Read more


19th Oct 2012

Wine education: the difference between a Bordeaux and a claret

by Tim Atkin

“I love Chablis, but I can’t stand Chardonnay.” Anyone who has ever done a public tasting, mixing with people who know what they like but not a lot more, will be familiar with such statements. It’s easy to scoff at people’s ignorance,... Read more


16th Oct 2012

Trocken roll: Riesling remixed

by Matt Walls

Generational bickering between winemakers is nothing new. Sometimes, like the use of barriques in Barolo, it’s a stylistic choice rather than a simple ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of doing things. Not so in Germany. Due to the older... Read more


5th Oct 2012

Patrick Sandeman: a life well lived

by Tim Atkin

It was one of those where-were-you-when-you-heard-the-news moments. I was sitting at my computer on a Sunday evening when I saw a Tweet by wine journalist, Guy Woodward: “Truly terrible news about the death of Patrick Sandeman in a tragic... Read more


25th Sep 2012

Northern Whites: wine in a cold climate

by Matt Walls

Inspiration can come in many forms. For Anders Selmer, his lightbulb moment was at a café in Copenhagen, and it was shaped like a turnip: “I was served a turnip like it was a fruit – it was sweet like a pear”. It started him thinking about... Read more


21st Sep 2012

Never mind the quality...

by Tim Atkin

What’s in a name? If you think that monikers are irrelevant to the choices we make ask yourself if you’d buy something called Brad’s Drink, surf the net using BackRub, write emails on a Bicycle, listen to music by Reg Dwight or read a book... Read more


17th Sep 2012

Champagne: where the party's really at

by Matt Walls

Sometimes I feel very lucky to be living in the UK when it comes to getting hold of good wine. Since the UK has historically been an importer of other countries’ wines, rather than producer of its own, the UK wine industry has tended to be... Read more


7th Sep 2012

Before the rain: 25 wine euphemisms

by Tim Atkin

They’ve barely picked a grape in Bordeaux, but the region’s euphemism generator is already up and running. “A winemaker’s vintage”, as one château owner described the 2012, is another way of describing a growing season that didn’t go... Read more


30th Aug 2012

A ferment about Furmint

by Matt Walls

To be sung to the tune of ‘Start Wearing Purple’ by Gogol Bordello: “Start drinking Furmint drinking Furmint, Start drinking Furmint for me now, ... Read more


29th Aug 2012

Definitely Picking Time

by Brian Miller

the fucking sky looks fucking dim the fucking forecast's fucking grim the fucking fruit won't fucking set the fucking farm's in fucking debt my fucking pay's a fucking crime evidently picking... Read more