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20th Mar 2012

The Chancellor prepares to clobber wine drinkers (again)

by Tim Atkin

Tomorrow is budget day in the UK. Like the Grand National, the Baftas or the last night of the Proms, it’s something of a national ritual. The chancellor will be photographed outside Number 11 Downing Street with the red budget box, Dennis... Read more


18th Mar 2012

2010 Rhônes: still time to flash the plastic

by Tim Atkin

“They are both for sale.” The response of the Bordeaux château owner to my question about the relative merits of the 2009 and 2010 vintages was delivered with tongue lodged firmly in cheek. But then he paused for a second. “I think we will... Read more


17th Mar 2012

Is this the best value Pinot in the world?

by Tim Atkin

Drinkable cheap Pinot Noir is almost an oxymoron. We Pinotphiles are all too aware that we need to pay over the odds to get a fix of our favourite grape. Decent examples tend to start at £12 and even then buying Pinot can be something of a... Read more


16th Mar 2012

Drinkers versus investors

by Tim Atkin

Listening to people discussing their claret portfolios has become as boring as the house price conversations we Brits used to have to endure in the 1990s. For “I bought this rundown semi in an up and coming area and it’s doubled in price”... Read more


9th Mar 2012

In search of "ordinary" wine consumers

by Tim Atkin

Imagine a wine column that began with the following sentence: “Now since there is much to be written on wine, let us discuss briefly some points of special interest after the manner of Aristotle.” As intros go, I’m sure you’ll agree that... Read more


2nd Mar 2012

Robert Parker, Nigel Tufnel and the 2009 Bordeaux

by Tim Atkin

There’s a famous moment in This is Spinal Tap, Rob Reiner’s spoof “rockumentary” about an ageing English heavy metal band, when the lead guitarist, Nigel Tufnel, is showing off his custom-made amplifier. Whereas most amps stop at 10, he... Read more


17th Feb 2012

Argentina: full speed ahead?

by Tim Atkin

The recent arrival of HMS Dauntless in the south Atlantic, complete with Prince William in his role as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, hasn’t done much for Anglo-Argentine relations. As the 30th anniversary of a war that the Argentinian... Read more


10th Feb 2012

My Dream Cellar

by Tim Atkin

Imagine, just for one minute, that you were richer than Bill Gates: more loaded than a Hollywood film star, Warren Buffett and a Russian oligarch put together. Which wines would you buy? Would you stock your cellar with the most expensive... Read more


20th Jan 2012

Burgundy 2010: the year of the sorting table

by Tim Atkin

Burgundy week has become such an established feature of the annual tasting circuit – half of London’s livery halls, art galleries and old court rooms seem to be taken over by growers pouring samples – that no one ever stops to question the... Read more


14th Jan 2012

Me, Kurt Vonnegut and wine

by Tim Atkin

One of my favourite cuttings, passed on to me by my father more than a decade ago, first appeared in an unlikely place: Inc. Technology magazine. It's an interview with the late Kurt Vonnegut, best known for the satirical novel... Read more