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21st Dec 2012

Crystal ball: the wine world in 2013

by Tim Atkin

Moaning about the weather is second nature to us Brits. However stoical we may claim to be, upper lips stiffened against the wind and rain, we have had a lot to complain about in 2012. To put it bluntly, the year has been a washout. The tourism... Read more


20th Dec 2012

Gaillac the Tortoise

by Matt Walls

Say the word ‘Gaillac’ and what does it conjure up? Not a lot. Florent Plageoles of leading estate Domaine Plageoles confirms “we have a big image problem”. It’s not that it has a poor image, it’s just it doesn’t have much of an... Read more


9th Dec 2012

Rioja's third way

by Victor de la Serna

The story of Rioja resembles the old Chinese curse – they've lived through many interesting times. Boom and bust, fame and oblivion. Rioja wine is on the ascent... Read more


4th Dec 2012

Ten things you need to know about the 2011 Burgundy vintage

by Tim Atkin

My full report on the very enjoyable 2011 vintage in Burgundy will be published in January... Read more


29th Nov 2012

Eleven shades of Nebbiolo

by Matt Walls

To begin with I didn’t get it. Drinking Nebbiolo seemed like trying to swallow a cube, cut from a tree. It was hard, it was sharp, it was dry; and sometimes it tasted of wood. But the more I persevered I realised it was more like a beautiful... Read more


23rd Nov 2012

Turkish Delights

by Tim Atkin

Diyarbakir in south-eastern Anatolia is one of the wine world’s wilder fringes. Rugged, mountainous and remote, it’s a place where grape growers carry guns and Kurdish separatism is openly discussed. Its proximity to the Syrian border adds an... Read more


19th Nov 2012

Etna: wines from the volcano

by Simon Woolf

As far as wine regions go, Mount Etna could be described as a wine geek's wet dream. Volcanic soil, obscure indigenous grape varieties, high altitudes and pre-phylloxera vineyards are just some of the highlights. Not surprising then,... Read more


18th Nov 2012

What's the point of food and wine matching?

by Natasha Hughes

One of my earliest gigs as a wine writer was to write up profiles of some of the world’s hottest sommeliers for the Decanter website (which, at the time, generated far more of its own content than it does now). I had a predictable list of... Read more


9th Nov 2012

Thinking outside the shop

by Matt Walls

Some interesting things have been happening to the wine shop over the past few years. Evolutionary pressures appear to have pushed it into unexpected territory. Ten years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to buy your wine in a shop served by a... Read more


3rd Nov 2012

Creating a stink about screwcaps

by Tim Atkin

Imagine being a cork salesman in Australia. If you turned up suffering from bubonic plague, a dead rat dangling from each hand, you’d be only slightly less welcome at most wineries. The majority of Aussie winemakers have got it in for cork... Read more