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3rd May 2013

Music and wine: classically trained

by Tim Atkin

Stroll through the vineyards at Il Paradiso di Frassina in Montalcino and the sound of Mozart soothes your ears. If you like Beethoven, Bach or Boulez, not to mention Miles Davis, Madonna or Motörhead, you will be disappointed. Musical variety... Read more


29th Apr 2013

2003 Bordeaux: tales from the strip club

by Sarah Abbott MW

"You don't go to a strip joint looking for a relationship", says the young man defending the merits of 2003 at BI's annual “10 Years on Bordeaux Tasting”. This is becoming the updated image of 2003: a floozy vintage, pneumatic and hot... Read more


25th Apr 2013

Bucking the trend: Natural wines at Gut Oggau

by Simon Woolf

Somewhere, out there on the internet, the discussion rages on about natural wines. To true believers, it's the one and only righteous path, to sceptics, nothing more than a farcical or even fraudulent movement. Regular readers of Tim's site have... Read more


19th Apr 2013

Getting warmer: wine and climate change

by Tim Atkin

Moaning about the weather is practically a national sport in England. There’s a bit of me that thinks that we enjoy being grumpy, “coveting disappointment” as the comedian Bill Bailey once put it. And yet the last 12 months have been... Read more


15th Apr 2013

What's that got to do with the price of eggs?

by Robert Joseph

Once upon a time, in the little village of Arse-Ende-of-Knowhere, in the county of Generallydullbutlovelyinpartshire, there was an elderly farmer called McDonald whose hens laid unusually tasty eggs. These eggs were so good, in fact, that local... Read more


8th Apr 2013

In praise of real wine journalism

by Tim Atkin

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore once did a very funny sketch about what they considered the worst job in the world. From memory, their choice involved working for Jayne Mansfield - I’ll spare you the anatomical details – rather than being a... Read more


6th Apr 2013

2011 Rhône: the George Harrison vintage

by Matt Walls

Who was the best musician out of The Beatles? Let’s face it, it’s either Paul and John. What about George Harrison? After Paul and John, George comes a solid third. Sorry Ringo. ... Read more


1st Apr 2013

The Frugle Awards

by Ron Washam

The finalists for the James Beard Awards were announced recently to great fanfare. The James Beard Awards are often referred to, mostly by dolts, as the Oscars© of the food and wine world. The Oscars© are almost never called... Read more


30th Mar 2013

An exchange of letters with Dan Jago of Tesco

by Tim Atkin and Dan Jago

On February 15th, I published a column in OLN entitled Flogging a dead horse about what I saw as the potential... Read more


27th Mar 2013

Priorat: from tradition to hi-tech to terroir

by Victor de la Serna

When the International Wine Academy, the august Geneva-based institution, first visited Catalonia two decades ago, its members didn't make it to Priorat: the roads were bad in 1994, accommodation almost non-existent, and even if the wines had... Read more