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8th Apr 2013

In praise of real wine journalism

by Tim Atkin

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore once did a very funny sketch about what they considered the worst job in the world. From memory, their choice involved working for Jayne Mansfield - I’ll spare you the anatomical details – rather than being a... Read more


6th Apr 2013

2011 Rhône: the George Harrison vintage

by Matt Walls

Who was the best musician out of The Beatles? Let’s face it, it’s either Paul and John. What about George Harrison? After Paul and John, George comes a solid third. Sorry Ringo. ... Read more


1st Apr 2013

The Frugle Awards

by Ron Washam

The finalists for the James Beard Awards were announced recently to great fanfare. The James Beard Awards are often referred to, mostly by dolts, as the Oscars© of the food and wine world. The Oscars© are almost never called... Read more


30th Mar 2013

An exchange of letters with Dan Jago of Tesco

by Tim Atkin and Dan Jago

On February 15th, I published a column in OLN entitled Flogging a dead horse about what I saw as the potential... Read more


27th Mar 2013

Priorat: from tradition to hi-tech to terroir

by Victor de la Serna

When the International Wine Academy, the august Geneva-based institution, first visited Catalonia two decades ago, its members didn't make it to Priorat: the roads were bad in 1994, accommodation almost non-existent, and even if the wines had... Read more


22nd Mar 2013

Brunello and Bordeaux: a tale of two appellations

by Tim Atkin

Brunello and Bordeaux, Bordeaux and Brunello. Italy and France’s most famous wine regions have a lot in common, not least that they both hold high-profile tastings in the first part of the year. If it’s February, it must be Tuscany,... Read more


18th Mar 2013

Who needs Bordeaux vintages?

by Robert Joseph

No one could have predicted the impact the Senkalu Island crisis of March 2015, ten years ago, would have on the wine world. When President Hollande’s decision to align France with Europe and the US in support of Japan led to an immediate ban... Read more


8th Mar 2013

I'm 100 points on that...

by Tim Atkin

A favourite Paul Simon tune was at the top of my iPod play list last week. When Numbers Get Serious isn’t as famous as the Sounds of Silence or Fifty Ways to Leave your Lover, but it has a hidden message for the wine business. “When times are... Read more


1st Mar 2013

Sommeliers without borders

by Ron Washam

Larry Anosmia, Master Sommelier, had a vision. He knew there were millions of people around the globe suffering, and suffering in unimaginable agony, simply because they didn’t have access to a sommelier. In many cases, they may have had... Read more


21st Feb 2013

Forbidden Fruit

by Matt Walls

If Jesus had chosen something other than the fruit of the vine for his followers to worship him with, today’s wine lovers might have a harder time indulging their hobby. You might have to meet up with a mate of a mate in a pub car park to... Read more