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14th May 2010

A cloud with a silver lining: natural wines

by Tim Atkin

Walk into any wine shop and you can see the bottles that sell, placed strategically in the fridge or in attention-grabbing piles close to the till. The wall flowers are easy to spot, too: hidden away on a bottom shelf and invariably coated... Read more


6th May 2010

What to drink on election night

by Tim Atkin

If his diaries are to be believed, the late Alan Clark always went to bed early on New Year's Eve, avoiding noisy parties to get a good night's kip in his castle at Saltwood. Some of you may be considering a similar approach to the election... Read more


30th Apr 2010

What makes a great sommelier?

by Tim Atkin

It's been a mixed month for Gallic gastronomy. If the French were insulted by the fact that their country didn't feature once in Restaurant Magazine's list of the top 10 eateries in the world, they could at least take solace in the result of... Read more


25th Mar 2010

Black Tower and the spirit of the Seventies

by Tim Atkin

It was a Life on Mars moment. Hearing about the imminent relaunch of Black Tower made me feel like Sam Tyler, the detective in the BBC television series who gets hit by a car in 2006 and wakes up in the 1970s. Black Tower Liebfraumilch was... Read more


21st Mar 2010

Are we ready for Turkish wine?

by Tim Atkin

"Read it? I know him." Travelling around Turkey on a wine trip, there are times when you're reminded of the joke about the Polish man who goes to the optician's and is asked to decipher a line of random letters. It took me a week to learn how... Read more


24th Feb 2010

Everything you need to know about Prosecco

by Tim Atkin

Italy is blessed with many beautiful places, but the view from the top of the Cartizze hill in Conegliano Valdobbiadene is still a bit special. The vineyard itself, Prosecco's only Grand Cru, is so steep that a mountain goat would have... Read more


23rd Jan 2010

Doctor's Orders

by Tim Atkin

Clohars-Carnoët or Collioure? That's the decision the French television channel TF1 has to make over the next month or so, according to a recent article in Le Parisien. These two coastal villages, one in Brittany, the other in the... Read more


22nd Jan 2010

Time to call in the ombudsman

by Tim Atkin

Gordon Brown's government may be running out of time as well as ideas, but before it turns its attention to the forthcoming election has it belatedly decided to curb the power of the multiple grocers? So it would appear. Last week the... Read more


17th Jan 2010

The Perfect Dozen

by Tim Atkin

If you gave up booze for a month on 1 January, as several of my friends did, you may have reached the point, two weeks later, when you've locked away the corkscrew and are deliberately avoiding supermarket wine aisles. I've never been one for... Read more


20th Dec 2009

Christmas Day chez Atkin

by Tim Atkin

Forget about turkey, stuffing and brandy butter: the Atkin family Christmas will have a Spanish flavour this year. There are two reasons for this, neither related to the London location of the meal itself. The first is that I've just bought a... Read more