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7th Oct 2013

The Sommeliers' Last Wish Foundation

by Ron Washam

Dear Friend of Wine, ... Read more


29th Sep 2013

Cold rush

by Matt Walls

It was a crude but effective way of making a wine buying decision: Old World vs. New World. You had savoury, medium-bodied classic styles from Europe on the one hand; fruity, powerful, full-bodied styles from Not Europe on the other. But the... Read more


20th Sep 2013

The Beautiful South

by Tim Atkin

Welcome! Bienvenidos! Thobela! Using a modern day riff on Joel Grey’s famous song in Cabaret, The Beautiful South held its first, keenly-awaited tasting in London last week. If you’ve not heard of the initiative, it is a genuinely... Read more


15th Sep 2013

Losing wood: the death of the barrel

by Robert Joseph

The ISPB - International Society for the Protection of Birds - announced yesterday that it was supporting the  “Get Wood” campaign recently launched by France’s leading barrel-making organisation FAT - the Fédération Artisanale... Read more


8th Sep 2013

Wine terrorism: meet the CRAV

by Mark Andrew

The year is 1973. A dark cloud has gathered over Europe. Troubled governments are scrambling to get to grips with revolutionary organisations across a continent riven with economic hardship and political conflict. Militant groups, like... Read more


6th Sep 2013

Arrogant Frogs?

by Tim Atkin

What’s wrong with France? asked the distinguished journalist Christine Ockrent in a recent think piece in Prospect. Her analysis, which is worth reading in full,... Read more


2nd Sep 2013

Making Sense of Matt Kramer

by Ron Washam

Imagine for a moment that you are me. Yes, I know, that’s ridiculous. It’s like asking you to imagine that you’re Albert Einstein or Abraham Lincoln, but let’s just say that you were able to imagine what it’s like to be me. What would... Read more


27th Aug 2013

Cornas: the sweet smell of success

by Matt Walls

Of all the red wines of the Rhône Valley, there is one that has an unfortunate reputation. Cornas has often been accused of having a rustic or ‘animal’ side to its character; rough round the edges with gamey aromas. But the new generation of... Read more


21st Aug 2013

Is the customer always right?

by The Secret Wine Merchant

Relationships can be difficult, even at the best of times. It seems strange that we would select a partner of our own volition, and then proceed to argue and fight with them as though it is hate that binds us together, rather than all of the good... Read more


18th Aug 2013

Château Oublié and the fall of the 1855 Classification

by Robert Joseph

To understand how, in 2014, one man with a grudge managed to bring down some of the highest and mightiest in Bordeaux, you have to know a little about the background. The man in question was a Russian oligarch called Mischa Vious, the... Read more