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24th May 2013

Rawfair steals the show

by Simon Woolf

No, I'm not at the London International Wine Fair. This... Read more


20th May 2013

In a parallel universe

by Robert Joseph

In a parallel universe 1 (in which there is an Empress of Wine.) The most... Read more


19th May 2013

The London Wine Fair: time to move

by Tim Atkin

When the London International Wine Fair closes its doors at ExCel next Wednesday evening it will mark the end of a short and not particularly distinguished era in the show’s 33-year history. The 13 events out east have been unlucky for many... Read more


8th May 2013

The Wine Snob: an endangered species?

by Matt Walls

The snob may look just like you and me, but it is a parasite in disguise. It leaves its victim poisoned. When the snob discovered wine, like a facehugger, it pounced.... Read more


6th May 2013

Better Off Dead—New Wine Books!

by Ron Washam

Lately, my mailbox has been filling up with new books about wine and the wine business. It’s a seemingly inexhaustible subject, and the flurry of new books represents a wide range of subject matter. Nearly all of these new books are... Read more


3rd May 2013

Music and wine: classically trained

by Tim Atkin

Stroll through the vineyards at Il Paradiso di Frassina in Montalcino and the sound of Mozart soothes your ears. If you like Beethoven, Bach or Boulez, not to mention Miles Davis, Madonna or Motörhead, you will be disappointed. Musical variety... Read more


29th Apr 2013

2003 Bordeaux: tales from the strip club

by Sarah Abbott MW

"You don't go to a strip joint looking for a relationship", says the young man defending the merits of 2003 at BI's annual “10 Years on Bordeaux Tasting”. This is becoming the updated image of 2003: a floozy vintage, pneumatic and hot... Read more


25th Apr 2013

Bucking the trend: Natural wines at Gut Oggau

by Simon Woolf

Somewhere, out there on the internet, the discussion rages on about natural wines. To true believers, it's the one and only righteous path, to sceptics, nothing more than a farcical or even fraudulent movement. Regular readers of Tim's site have... Read more


19th Apr 2013

Getting warmer: wine and climate change

by Tim Atkin

Moaning about the weather is practically a national sport in England. There’s a bit of me that thinks that we enjoy being grumpy, “coveting disappointment” as the comedian Bill Bailey once put it. And yet the last 12 months have been... Read more


15th Apr 2013

What's that got to do with the price of eggs?

by Robert Joseph

Once upon a time, in the little village of Arse-Ende-of-Knowhere, in the county of Generallydullbutlovelyinpartshire, there was an elderly farmer called McDonald whose hens laid unusually tasty eggs. These eggs were so good, in fact, that local... Read more