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20th May 2014

Who judges the judges? More thoughts on wine competitions

by Robert Joseph

We are living in - as the Chinese might say - electorally interesting times. India has just collectively decided to hand its governance to Narendra Modi who is variously described as the subcontinent's economic great white hope - its Margaret... Read more


16th May 2014

What's the point of wine competitions?

by Robert Joseph

Wine competitions are the worst way to identify the world's best wines. Apart from all the others that have been tried. I make no excuse for mangling Churchill's famous quote about democracy and using it here because the process of getting a... Read more


12th May 2014

Chapoutier's class of 2013

by Matt Walls

If the majority of the press surrounding the 2013 vintage in Bordeaux is to be believed, most en primeur samples should have been gathered up, put in a sack and drowned in the Gironde like so many sickly, malformed kittens. Bordeaux is always the... Read more


10th May 2014

Tokaj's silver lining

by Wojciech Bonkowski

The Tokaj wine region organised its second wine auction recently. Modelled on the Hospices de Beaune, it featured unique lots of dry and sweet wines offered by the 136-litre barrel, and grossed over ... Read more


5th May 2014

Wine's Forbidden Love

by Ron Washam

I’m not sure how I’m going to get through this confession. And, to be perfectly honest, I know that after reading it, you’re going to think differently about me, think much less of me, for the most part. But I’m tired of hiding who I am,... Read more


4th May 2014

The rain in Spain

by Tim Atkin

It’s probably scant consolation to château owners struggling to sell their wines en primeur right now, but Bordeaux wasn’t the only European region that had a difficult vintage in 2013. I was in Rioja last October and the harvest was wet and... Read more


28th Apr 2014

Museum pieces

by Robert Joseph

There aren’t many wine writers, I imagine, who have been accused of communicating with the dead, but way back in the 1990s, The Sunday Times did describe me as a necromancer. The term the confused writer - of a piece about... Read more


14th Apr 2014

Madeira quake

by Matt Walls

I always find it strange how fortified wines – Sherry, Port and Madeira – are so often portrayed as drinks for vicars and old ladies. The reality is these are drinks for hardcore hedonists. Not because they have (slightly) elevated levels of... Read more


10th Apr 2014

Bordeaux 2004: the indefinite article

by Sarah Abbott MW

This write-up is late, but then so was the vintage. It was interrupted by a visit to Georgia for the International Wine Tourism conference. (Georgia demands much, but gives more. I received toasts, drinking cups, fantastic food, and dancing. And... Read more


8th Apr 2014

Why en primeur Bordeaux isn't like a Louis Vuitton handbag

by The Secret Wine Merchant

‘If you don’t believe in the Bordeaux Primeurs, or think the system is flawed, then don’t take part in it!! You can’t have it both ways.... Read more