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27th Aug 2013

Cornas: the sweet smell of success

by Matt Walls

Of all the red wines of the Rhône Valley, there is one that has an unfortunate reputation. Cornas has often been accused of having a rustic or ‘animal’ side to its character; rough round the edges with gamey aromas. But the new generation of... Read more


21st Aug 2013

Is the customer always right?

by The Secret Wine Merchant

Relationships can be difficult, even at the best of times. It seems strange that we would select a partner of our own volition, and then proceed to argue and fight with them as though it is hate that binds us together, rather than all of the good... Read more


18th Aug 2013

Château Oublié and the fall of the 1855 Classification

by Robert Joseph

To understand how, in 2014, one man with a grudge managed to bring down some of the highest and mightiest in Bordeaux, you have to know a little about the background. The man in question was a Russian oligarch called Mischa Vious, the... Read more


15th Aug 2013

RIP, two great men of wine

by Tim Atkin

I’m not sure if Peter Lehmann and Tim Hamilton Russell ever met, but I like to think they would have got on, despite their very different personalities. One was a slightly gruff, chain-smoking winemaker who never went to university, the other... Read more


13th Aug 2013

Wine Mosaic: Saving rare grapes from extinction

by Simon Woolf

 When was the last time you had a glass of... Read more


8th Aug 2013

The Swartland Revolution

by Tim Atkin

Every revolution needs a spark, a catalyst that changes things forever. It might not compare with the storming of the Bastille or the fall of the Berlin Wall, but the Sauvignon Blanc that Charles Back of Fairview tasted at a co-operative in 1995... Read more


5th Aug 2013

The Pulitzer Prize for Wine Reviews

by Ron Washam

Though it has yet to gain the kind of attention its other prizes have achieved, the Pulitzer Prize for Wine Reviews was handed out for the first time in 2013. The Pulitzer Prize committee gave the coveted prize to James Molesworth of... Read more


19th Jul 2013

Wine: you don't have to be rich...

by Tim Atkin

Ever felt like making your own wine? If you work in the business, whether as a retailer, sommelier, importer or impoverished hack, the chances are that you’ve entertained just such a dream. With the sun on your face and a couple of glasses of... Read more


17th Jul 2013

Golden Burgundies and funny money

by Robert Joseph

Chapter One It all began so simply. In London, one day in January 2014, the wine writers Tom Nutkin, Albert Joshua and the superstar German winemaker Dr Titan were having lunch with Nicholas Interr of Interr Brush &  Rod,... Read more


5th Jul 2013

London’s wine scene: a tale of two cities

by Matt Walls

Considering its total lack of vineyards, London's long-established position in the wine world might seem surprising. But this has proved to be London’s strength; historically there has been no local pride, patriotism or short-sightedness to... Read more