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7th Mar 2014

Keith Waterhouse and the wine bars of London

by Henry Jeffreys

If any man deserved the epithet, a legend in his own lunchtime, it was Keith Waterhouse. You probably remember him for his plays Billy Liar, made into a film with Julie Christie and Tom Courtenay, and Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell... Read more


4th Mar 2014

Commander of Wine

by Ron Washam

It was a stupendous amount of work. I knew that going into it, but, still, it was overwhelming. I persevered, spent countless hours studying and memorizing, and I’m proud to announce that it all paid off. I’m a humble person by nature. You... Read more


14th Feb 2014

Virgile Joly: Doing it the hard way

by Simon Woolf

If you work in the wine industry, you've probably heard this joke before: What's the best way to become a millionaire in wine? Answer – start with two million.... Read more


11th Feb 2014

Taking to the flor

by Natasha Hughes

Fashion, so the experts say, is cyclical. Wear your flared jeans or Annie Hall waistcoat long enough and you’ll eventually look like you’re in with the in crowd. (Don’t hold your breath, though, for a revival of puffball skirts or kipper... Read more


10th Feb 2014

Searching for the perfect Pinot Grigio

by Matt Walls

It’s OK, you can admit it. We’re all friends here. You don’t like Pinot Grigio, do you? To say so out loud feels a bit snobby, almost... grapist. But it seems even people who buy it aren’t that keen. Here are some typical quotes from a... Read more


3rd Feb 2014

The Golden Age of Tedious Wine Writing

by Ron Washam

People have been writing about wine for as long as there has been wine, and nearly as poorly as they write about it today. It’s humbling to be part of a long and storied tradition of making the world’s most fascinating beverage unbearably... Read more


20th Jan 2014

A review of Christie’s World Encyclopedia of Champagne & sparkling wine (Absolute Press)

by Michael Edwards

Although certainly a fully revised and updated edition of Tom Stevenson’s standard reference work on Champagne and all things effervescent, this opus is more than that- it’s very much Essi Avelan’s book. Given Tom’s Olympian blessing... Read more


20th Jan 2014

Fizz talk: what emerged from the International Sparkling Wine Symposium

by Michael Edwards

With some big names in sparkling wine on five continents billed to speak at Denbies for this, the third and largest yet ISWS, the gathering mood was of course one of ….Great Expectations! Viewed soberly post-Christmas, this conference did have... Read more


6th Jan 2014

The rise of Supernatural wines and other predictions for 2014

by Ron Washam

You won’t be able to say I didn’t warn you. 2014 looks to be another strange year in the wine business. If you don’t believe my predictions, remember that I was the person who predicted 2013 with astonishing accuracy, right down to the... Read more


30th Dec 2013

Supergrapes vs. Evil Greegeo

by Matt Walls

Come to think of it, there are a few grape varieties that would make perfect superheroes. Their day-to-day personas are mild mannered to say the least. The wines they make are pretty weak – they are what Clark Kent is to broadsheet journalism.... Read more