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28th Oct 2014

A review of the 2015 Platter's Guide Five Star Wines

by Tim Atkin

If anything can be said to create a buzz in the South African wine industry, it's the annual announcement of the Platter's Wine Guide's 5 Star Wines. There were 50 of these this year, plus a KWV brandy, which reversed the inflationary trend of... Read more


13th Oct 2014

When life gives you Melons

by Matt Walls

Like a weathered George Michael cynically observing a shiny young Justin Bieber, Muscadet must be thinking to itself 'been there, done that'. After its 1980s heyday of wild success, Muscadet has seen some hard times, but young upstart Picpoul de... Read more


6th Oct 2014

Anosmia Dogs and other failed Master of Wine dissertations

by Ron Washam

One of the requirements for becoming a Master of Wine is an original and rigorous research paper of between 6,000 and 10,000 words. The words must be placed in sentences, or it doesn’t count. There is no similar requirement for becoming a... Read more


4th Oct 2014

Wine's tipping point

by Tim Atkin

To thine own self be true. Polonius’ advice to his son Laertes in Hamlet is arguably easier to give than to follow. Most of us make regular compromises in our personal and professional lives. We don’t lie to ourselves exactly, but we... Read more


3rd Oct 2014

A preview of the Cape Winemakers' Guild auction

by Tim Atkin

The Cape Winemakers Guild was created in 1982 by a group of winemakers who set out to “improve the quality and standing of South African wines”, arguably no easy thing at a time when the country was the skunk of the wine... Read more


16th Sep 2014

What would independence mean for Catalan wine?

by Miquel Hudin

If you've watched the news lately or just even flipped through the in-flight magazine on a European budget airline, you probably know about the Autonomous Region of Catalonia's drive to secede from the Spanish State. If not, the nutshell is that... Read more


10th Sep 2014

Vin de France: the flexible future?

by Natasha Hughes MW

To the French it was le gros rouge qui tache. We Brits were less interested in its saturated colour, but equally dismissive in our terminology, referring to it as plonk. But, whatever you called it, Vin de Table was never high on... Read more


9th Sep 2014

The Grande Dame of Pauillac

by Tim Atkin

As you’d expect of a former actress,  liked an... Read more


8th Sep 2014

Split infinity

by Matt Walls

What do you feel like drinking tonight? Red or white? Still or sparkling? Dry or sweet? With an endless number of wines in countless styles to choose from, it's necessary to segment this unwieldy mass to help yourself (or someone else) make a... Read more


1st Sep 2014

How to become a successful sommelier

by Ron Washam

Having the letters MS after your name doesn’t mean you’re a sommelier. A sommelier works in a restaurant. From the several dozen I’ve met, judging by their occupations, I was pretty sure MS stood for Master Shill. I, also, have letters... Read more