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3rd Oct 2014

A preview of the Cape Winemakers' Guild auction

by Tim Atkin

The Cape Winemakers Guild was created in 1982 by a group of winemakers who set out to “improve the quality and standing of South African wines”, arguably no easy thing at a time when the country was the skunk of the wine... Read more


8th Sep 2014

Split infinity

by Matt Walls

What do you feel like drinking tonight? Red or white? Still or sparkling? Dry or sweet? With an endless number of wines in countless styles to choose from, it's necessary to segment this unwieldy mass to help yourself (or someone else) make a... Read more


29th Sep 2013

Cold rush

by Matt Walls

It was a crude but effective way of making a wine buying decision: Old World vs. New World. You had savoury, medium-bodied classic styles from Europe on the one hand; fruity, powerful, full-bodied styles from Not Europe on the other. But the... Read more


20th Sep 2013

The Beautiful South

by Tim Atkin

Welcome! Bienvenidos! Thobela! Using a modern day riff on Joel Grey’s famous song in Cabaret, The Beautiful South held its first, keenly-awaited tasting in London last week. If you’ve not heard of the initiative, it is a genuinely... Read more


15th Aug 2013

RIP, two great men of wine

by Tim Atkin

I’m not sure if Peter Lehmann and Tim Hamilton Russell ever met, but I like to think they would have got on, despite their very different personalities. One was a slightly gruff, chain-smoking winemaker who never went to university, the other... Read more


8th Aug 2013

The Swartland Revolution

by Tim Atkin

Every revolution needs a spark, a catalyst that changes things forever. It might not compare with the storming of the Bastille or the fall of the Berlin Wall, but the Sauvignon Blanc that Charles Back of Fairview tasted at a co-operative in 1995... Read more


21st Feb 2013

Forbidden Fruit

by Matt Walls

If Jesus had chosen something other than the fruit of the vine for his followers to worship him with, today’s wine lovers might have a harder time indulging their hobby. You might have to meet up with a mate of a mate in a pub car park to... Read more


18th Jan 2013

South Africa seizes the day

by Tim Atkin

Is 2013 going to be South Africa’s year? Su Birch, CEO of Wines of South Africa (WOSA), certainly seems to think so, judging by an upbeat press release earlier this week. A cynic might argue that, to paraphrase Mandy Rice–Davies at the time... Read more


29th Nov 2012

Eleven shades of Nebbiolo

by Matt Walls

To begin with I didn’t get it. Drinking Nebbiolo seemed like trying to swallow a cube, cut from a tree. It was hard, it was sharp, it was dry; and sometimes it tasted of wood. But the more I persevered I realised it was more like a beautiful... Read more


27th Oct 2012

Do New World wines age?

by Tim Atkin

What’s the difference between a New and an Old World wine? Twenty-seven years ago, when I started writing about the subject, the distinction was clear-cut. The received wisdom was that the former made fruity, easy-drinking wines, often with... Read more