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14th Dec 2018

How low can you go?

by Tim Atkin MW

What makes a wine worth drinking? is the intriguing title of American importer Terry Theise’s new book ($25, HMH). If you’ve never heard of TT, he’s one of the most intelligent and considered voices in the world of wine,... Read more


10th Dec 2018

Please Give This Christmas, So I Won’t Have To

by Ron Washam

What I dread about Christmas are the gifts. For example, I don’t want a Coravin. Coravins are stupid. Somebody is going to give me a goddam Coravin, I just know it, and I don’t want one. I’ll never use it, and it will sit on my kitchen... Read more


19th Nov 2018

Trump, Macron and Making Wine Great Again

by Christy Canterbury MW

“It's one of my only good traits. I never had a glass of alcohol. I never had alcohol, for whatever reason," he added. "Can you imagine if I had? What a mess I would be. I would be the world's worst.” Though he’s not a drinker,... Read more


15th Nov 2018

Things are hotting up in Burgundy

by Tim Atkin MW

Another year, another sale in Burgundy. Twelve months ago, it was Clos de Tart, bought by François Pinault’s Artémis Group for €280m; now it’s Domaine Henri Rabourseau, in which the billionaire Bouygues brothers, Martin and Olivier, have... Read more


5th Nov 2018

The Court of Master Sommeliers: Who Says Cheaters Never Proctor?

by Ron Washam

 “The Court of Master Sommeliers stripping the titles from 23 of the 24 candidates who took the tainted blind wine tasting exam in order to preserve the Court’s ‘integrity,’” Larry Anosmia MS tells me, “is like Stormy Daniels... Read more


29th Oct 2018

Crab brains and Cabernet

by Matt Walls

The last twenty metres of road aren’t yet tarmacked on the way to He Jin Zun winery in Ningxia, northern China, so we get out and crunch over the gravel on foot. Consultant winemaker David Tyney bounds out to greet us and walks us through the... Read more


29th Oct 2018

Cover letter for the post of Head of Strategy of the Institute of Masters of Wine

by Peter Pharos

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Institute, It is with pleasure and trepidation that I am applying for the position of Head of Strategy at the Institute [1]. While this is undoubtedly the foremost [2] body of Wine Professionals in the... Read more


16th Oct 2018

How to make a hangover work for you

by Celia Bryan-Brown

I saw Christmas decorations in the supermarket today. Admittedly, they were tucked behind ranks of lurid Halloween costumes – but still. Between these and the inexplicable (and surely eternally unused) nets-of-nuts, family pack chocolates and... Read more


15th Oct 2018

Do winemakers improve with age?

by Tim Atkin MW

Peter Sisseck poured a sample of his 2016 Pingus with obvious pride, watching my eyes for a reaction. He’s a thoughtful, modest man, who abhors self-promotion and would never think of trying to influence a journalist, but as I finished my... Read more


4th Oct 2018

Our vanishing Master Sommeliers

by Ron Washam

Researchers say there are no more than 273 of them left in the world. Many of the males are old, long past a desirable reproductive age. They’re nocturnal for the most part, using the darkness of the night to hide their neurotic fear of... Read more