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29th Jun 2015

On wine and wondering

by Andrea Frost

Even though I spend a lot of time wandering in and wondering about nature, I confess I felt foolish being dropped in a vineyard in Marlborough, New Zealand, so I could sit on my own to think.... Read more


12th Jun 2015

Are en primeur Bordeaux scores out of control?

by Tim Atkin

In his timely article on Wine-Pages about score inflation in Bordeaux, Stephen Brook sets out to prove that points reached a “preposterous... Read more


8th Jun 2015

Priorat: too little of a good thing?

by Tim Atkin

It doesn’t feature on many wine tours, but the village of Bellmunt del Priorat has its very own mining museum, a tribute to a time when lead was more important than grapes to the economy of this wild and isolated corner of Catalonia. The... Read more


1st Jun 2015

Jefford on Mundane: Palate and Column Fatigue

by Ron Washam

How do you maintain your nose? Your tongue is your most important tool, but whose box do you keep it in? How often do you need a liver transplant? And where do you keep the young migrants from whom you harvest your organs? How do you get orange... Read more


25th May 2015

The Unexamined Wine

by Andrea Frost

Sometimes the simplest statements have the most complex meanings, while other times they mean exactly what they say.... Read more


18th May 2015

Guerrilla winemakers

by Matt Walls

One wine, in one place, for one year only. It's hard enough making wine in the same place each year, so as winemaking philosophies go it doesn’t get much more ambitious. But since graduating three years ago with degrees in winemaking Nick Jones... Read more


11th May 2015

To spray or not to spray?

by Tim Atkin

Thibault Liger-Belair is the last person you’d expect to see in a court of law. He’s friendly, respected and a supremely honest bloke who makes some of the best wines in Nuits Saint Georges as well as Moulin à Vent. And yet appear he will... Read more


10th May 2015

Anyone for red Chardonnay?

by The Secret Wine Merchant

There is no doubt that the Great British Public loves wine. After all, they’re regularly accused of abusing themselves with more than two glasses a night but it seems to be the one staple in life where the level of knowledge is at odds with... Read more


4th May 2015

Bordeaux 2014 - my methodology

by Ron Washam

Before the unveiling of my anxiously anticipated scores for 2014 Bordeaux (many of which fall between 90 and 98 points, and have pretty much been randomly assigned), I thought it might be appropriate to outline my methodology. The real question... Read more