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11th Jan 2015

Farewell, Dave West and Serge Hochar

by Tim Atkin

It’s highly unlikely that Dave West, the former barrow boy who created Eastenders in Calais, and Serge Hochar of Lebanon’s Château Musar ever met. The former didn’t strike me as the sort of bloke who visited Lebanon on his holidays, while... Read more


8th Jan 2015

Who are you calling an alcoholic?

by Henry Jeffreys

I’m sure you’ve already had your fill of writers telling you that they’re giving up drink for January or that they’re not giving up anything for January because they’re different. Instead I thought it would be interesting to reflect on... Read more


5th Jan 2015

What not to publish on your wine blog in 2015

by Ron Washam

Shut up about alcohol levels, for Christ’s sake. You don’t know what you’re talking about. And what ABV (Alcohol By Verisimilitude) is it that you’re referring to, the number listed on the label? Moron. Those... Read more


15th Dec 2014

South Africa – Vote Yes

by Matt Walls

Sometimes it takes events like the Scottish Referendum to make you realise that however ancient and permanent the old order appears, the status quo could suddenly change. It’s no different in the world of wine: in fact, there’s one anomaly... Read more


7th Dec 2014

Mad Frankie Fraser and the price of wine

by Tim Atkin

Mad Frankie Fraser, the notorious gangster who died last week, was famous for using pliers to extract his victims’ teeth under torture. One hesitates to say that the wine... Read more


4th Dec 2014

Blank de Blanc

by Simon Woolf

Browsing the wine selection at Bordeaux airport is revealing. Unsurprisingly, the grand vins of the Médoc, St. Emilion and Pomerol take up most of the shelf space, with some more modest AOC Bordeaux choices and a clutch of rosés. But... Read more


1st Dec 2014

The adventures of Brett Bung

by Ron Washam

Given his normal upbringing on the outskirts of a great metropolitan city, no one would have been able to anticipate that humble Brett Bung would one day emerge as the CERTIFIED SPECIALIST OF WINE! By day a low level accountant, an invisible man... Read more


21st Nov 2014

Whatever happened to wine journalism?

by Jamie Goode

In his play No Exit, Jean-Paul Sartre outlines a vision of hell. It consists of three people who don’t like each other confined together for eternity. Mine? It’s that I’ll be sucked into what seems to be emerging as the leading... Read more


11th Nov 2014

Marlborough Sauvignon: too much of a good thing?

by Tim Atkin

Some milestones make you think. Next year will be the 30th anniversary of the founding of Cloudy Bay, one of the most successful wine brands ever, and a label that helped to launch an entire region. Montana (now Brancott Estate) may have planted... Read more


5th Nov 2014

How to become a successful wine writer

by Ron Washam

I am often asked what it takes to become a successful wine writer, which is like asking Harold Pinter how to become a successful song writer. He’s dead, you idiot. As it turns out, however, I actually do know what it takes to become a wine... Read more