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2nd Apr 2015

The Great South African Syrah Tasting

by Tim Atkin

How good is South African Syrah? There are several people (me included) who believe that it’s the red grape best suited to the Cape’s range of soils and climates, but where does it sit in a world context? And is the question a little... Read more


1st Apr 2015

On music, wine and tasting with all your senses

by Andrea Frost

Just as wine without aromas is a rather dull drink, life without our senses engaged is much the same experience. As I sipped wine and listened to a wind trio play music paired to the offering it occurred to me that somewhere on our path to... Read more


16th Mar 2015

The smell of silence

by Matt Walls

When visiting an art gallery, I prefer to wander alone rather than in company. To be left to think, for as long as it takes, in front of any image that draws me in. Talking about the visit is best left to the cafe at the end over coffee and cake.... Read more


9th Mar 2015

Bordeaux's Stonehenge moment

by Tim Atkin

There’s a scene in This is Spinal Tap, Rob Reiner’s spoof rockumentary about an English heavy metal band, that features a live performance of a song called Stonehenge. Keen to add some extra theatre to the gig, Spinal Tap commission a model... Read more


2nd Mar 2015

Ask Dr. Pinny! The Simpleton's Guide to Wine

by Ron Washam

Wine might be the most difficult beverage on Earth to enjoy properly. Coffee is easy. No matter what coffee “experts” tell you, coffee is all the same. It’s roasted beans, for God’s sake. Powder it and run hot water through it, and,... Read more


27th Feb 2015

Wine as company

by Andrea Frost

Occasionally I find drinking wine to be a perfectly good substitute for the company of people. I am aware this sounds dangerously close to both addiction and conceit and may well be too early in this new column of mine to make such a revelation,... Read more


11th Feb 2015

Marlborough: The Fear of France?

by Matt Walls

If you like Sauvignon Blanc, you'll love Marlborough in New Zealand. Of its 22,903 hectares of vineyards, 19,639 of them are planted with it. Undoubtedly this feels like an awful lot of eggs in one basket for local winemakers, so no wonder some... Read more


10th Feb 2015

What went wrong at Vinopolis?

by Tim Atkin

Is it really 16 years since Vinopolis opened its doors to the public? I can clearly remember the hoopla and sense of anticipation that accompanied the launch of London’s self-styled “premier wine tasting experience and visitor attraction”.... Read more


2nd Feb 2015

The six people you want to avoid in the wine business

by Ron Washam

Everyone has advice for whom you should know in the wine business. Article after article on the subject have appeared in online publications. And each one is self-serving crap, a way to say I already know all these people, I’m basically one of... Read more


14th Jan 2015

Braver New World

by Matt Walls

“Sorry I’m late sir. Ignore the bandage, I had an unexpected visit to the hospital to get my ear seen to. Anyway – I understand you’d like me to paint your sunflowers… So, oil paint or watercolours? And how would you like them arranged... Read more