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14th Aug 2014

What's the future for Chinese wine?

by Tim Atkin

First time visitors to Beijing are often struck by the pollution that seems to blanket the city on a daily basis, reducing visibility and filling lungs with undesirable gunk. It’s a symbol of China’s rush towards industrialisation, as well as... Read more


11th Aug 2014

Heavy bottles

by Robert Joseph

"Jancis [Robinson] hates heavy wine bottles, as I do. Why do winemakers use them?" This recent Facebook comment - by one of the founders of a smart London wine retailer - seems to represent the views of a significant... Read more


4th Aug 2014

The Confessions of Dr Conti

by Ron Washam

OK, I made a deal with Mr. Koch to tell everything I know about wine fraud. You know, I think it’s going to feel good to get all this off my chest, finally to tell the truth. I’ve been thinking about it a lot in my prison cell, and I’m... Read more


16th Jul 2014

The natural wine challenge

by Simon Woolf & Robert Joseph

What happens if you take two wine critics with opposing, sometimes polarised views on natural wine, throw them into London's biggest celebration of the sector and force them to taste the same wines together?... Read more


14th Jul 2014

Early drinking

by Matt Walls

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m beginning to miss the huge off-licence chains we had in the UK 10 years ago. Not that their ranges were that interesting, but I’m coming to realise they had a higher purpose. These thousands of wine... Read more


7th Jul 2014

Call me Jancis

by Ron Washam

Call me Jancis. Everyone does, even though it’s not my name. Well, it is when I’m conducting a wine seminar, or giving a speech at some God-forsaken outpost of weird wine that wants to pretend its wines are worthwhile, like the Jura. Many... Read more


5th Jul 2014

The net effect

by Tim Atkin

“Would you like to go up in one of our planes?” asked Eduardo Martín, director of the Argentinean Ministry of Agriculture’s anti-hail squad. It was an offer that was all too easy to refuse. In Mendoza, the 24 pilots who are employed by the... Read more


2nd Jul 2014

In praise of wine consultants

by Robert Joseph

"I can’t help admiring producers who don’t rely on someone else to tell them how to make their wine. Most of the bottles I enjoy drinking reflect their... Read more


9th Jun 2014

Newcomers on the scene

by Matt Walls

They wouldn’t have got past the elevator pitch in Dragons’ Den. “So you want to sell premium Austrian wines from a transport container in the East End of London?” summarises a puzzled Duncan Bannatyne; “I’m ooot.” But after just... Read more


2nd Jun 2014

Natural opinions - unfiltered and slightly fecal

by Ron Washam

A couple of weeks ago, Jamie Goode published an article on his blog, WineAnorexic (“Tragically... Read more