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1st Sep 2015

Buon Viaggio

by Andrea Frost

People can be so virtuous when it comes to the appropriate amount of luggage to pack for an overseas trip. I was packing for a six-week wine journey through Italy when I was asked, quite seriously, if I was going to take hand luggage only. I was... Read more


20th Aug 2015

Back to the future

by Simon Woolf

Fine wines are timeless – that elusive combination of elegance, complexity and gravitas, plus ageing potential in spades. Their prices unfortunately are not. Top rank Bordeaux, Burgundy or mature Barolos increasingly come at a cost... Read more


14th Aug 2015

Do you want wine with that?

by Matt Walls

I still remember the first time I was offered a glass of wine at the hairdresser’s. I thought this was a great idea until, on picking it up for a second sip, I spotted a few hairs of various colours that had floated into my glass on hairdryer... Read more


11th Aug 2015

The Stellenbosch Renaissance

by Tim Atkin

When the 400 tickets for this year’s Swartland Revolution went on sale earlier this summer, they sold out within two minutes. Since it was first held in 2010, the annual knees up in the small town of Riebeek Casteel has become one of the key... Read more


8th Aug 2015

In praise of PR people

by Henry Jeffreys

Sometimes people’s names determine their whole life. A. J. Splatt and D. Weedon are both doctors of urology. There’s an Israeli tennis player called Anna Smashanova and a Dutch architect called Rem Koolhaas. It’s not a coincidence that the... Read more


3rd Aug 2015

Riedel me this

by Ron Washam

In this piece, US-based wine writer Ron Washam pokes fun at Riedel, the wine glass company, a brand that I respect and use personally. This is a piece of satire. No offence is meant to be caused either to Georg Riedel or to his business.... Read more


26th Jul 2015

The cheeky glass of wine

by Andrea Frost

For something that exudes simplicity, the cheeky glass of wine is a deceptively complex drink. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve been asked to sneak off for a cheeky glass of wine or, I’ll admit, how often I’ve suggested one. ‘A... Read more


20th Jul 2015

Georgia: a visit to dreamland

by Tim Atkin

Visitors to the Georgian capital of Tbilisi were warned to stay off the streets last month. The city has seen its share of disorder over the centuries, but this had nothing to do with violence or civil unrest. The danger was considerably more... Read more


9th Jul 2015

Romania: getting back on its horse

by Matt Walls

Standing at the baggage carousel in Timişoara Airport in western Romania, I was approached by a friendly fellow traveller. “You here for the IW Conference too?” he said. “Erm… International Wine?” I speculated, surprised that I... Read more


6th Jul 2015

A letter from the Publisher of Le Pan Magazine

by Ron Washam

HelloLe Pan is the only wine magazine that answers the questions to which real wine connoisseurs need answers. Is my private jet a good place to store my First Growths? How does... Read more