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2nd Nov 2015

Which wine goes with erectile dysfunction?

by Ron Washam

There’s an annoying trend in wine writing to recommend wines to accompany experiences other than dining. Specific wines with specific music, for example. How much sense does that make? Though I know that when I listen to John Cage, I always... Read more


26th Oct 2015

For the love of Riesling?

by Andrea Frost

Why more people don’t like Riesling has baffled wine minds and Riesling champions for decades. And not just baffled, but broken hearts, tested wills and challenged the intellects of those who love the variety. No matter how many conferences,... Read more


19th Oct 2015

English wine: too much of a good thing?

by Matt Walls

Sitting in the October sunshine, chewing on the corner of my baguette, I wonder how many others have witnessed this timeless scene: pickers working their way up rows of vines, loading their baskets with bunches of grapes. But this isn’t... Read more


15th Oct 2015

South Africa's New Wave

by Tim Atkin

When was the last time you entered a wine tasting through a record shop? It was certainly a first for me. But walking past racks of LPs at The Vinyl Factory in Soho was a wonderful prelude to the recent New Wave South Africa event. It was like... Read more


5th Oct 2015

Rejected Entries for "The Oxford Companion to Wine"

by Ron Washam

I’m feeling a bit disappointed. I just opened the Fourth Edition of “The Oxford Companion to Wine” and not a single one of my entries was published. Admittedly, Jancis Robinson didn’t solicit any contributions from me, but I submitted... Read more


28th Sep 2015

Top 50 Italian Wines - Classifica 2015

by Tim Atkin

Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio - Monprivato Barolo DOCG 2010 - PiemonteGiuseppe Rinaldi - Brunate Barolo DOCG 2011 - PiemonteDuemani - Duemani Costa Toscana - IGP Cabernet Franc 2012 - ToscanaPalladino - Parafada... Read more


27th Sep 2015

Spring fever

by Andrea Frost

Flying from Europe’s approaching autumn into Australia’s blossoming spring, I was reminded what a well-coordinated spectacular the changing of the seasons is. Warm puffs of air in hectic spring winds, lighter mornings, officious birds and... Read more


20th Sep 2015

Breathable drinks

by Matt Walls

Like most kids of my generation, I was obsessed with Star Wars. My favourite scene was the Mos Eisley Cantina, where Luke Skywalker meets Han... Read more


14th Sep 2015

Rioja's vineyard revolution

by Tim Atkin

Juan Carlos López de Lacalle doesn’t look like a man who storms barricades. Skinny, bespectacled and bald, he’s more academic than action man. But appearances can be deceptive. The owner of Bodegas Artadi in Laguardia is a dynamic and highly... Read more


7th Sep 2015

The Wine Time Capsule from 2015

by Ron Washam

I’m not sure what motivated my ancestor to bury a wine time capsule back in 2015, but I felt that after two hundred years it was time to dig it up. In preparation, I’d been reading up on the history of wine in the 49th Edition of “The World... Read more