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31st May 2016

What makes a good wine bar?

by Andrea Frost

In his gentle 1946 essay Moon Under Water, George Orwell describes the merits of his favourite London public house. Qualities important to Orwell include atmosphere, barmaids who know their customers by name, the ability to walk freely... Read more


16th May 2016

Some like it cool

by Matt Walls

At the first wine course I ever took the tutor explained that Syrah and Shiraz are actually the same grape but under different names. It felt like an illuminating nugget of knowledge at the time, but it turned out to be fool’s gold. At their... Read more


4th May 2016

Alice's Adventures in Naturaland, and Through the Isinglass

by Ron Washam

Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole Alice was getting very tired of sitting by herself on the bank. Though she was usually by herself, unless she was at a wine tasting. But Alice didn’t like wine tastings, especially... Read more


3rd May 2016

Hey, big spender: wine on the high street

by Tim Atkin

Failing the emergence of a last minute saviour, BHS looks set to slide into administration this month, joining a list of major high street casualties that includes Comet, Woolworths and JJB Sports. The likely closure or sale of its 160 sites and... Read more


26th Apr 2016

The charm and challenge of terroir

by Andrea Frost

“It is a beautiful thing to be able to transmit the landscape in our wines,” said our host as she sat at the head of the tasting table. A panoramic window framed the rolling hills of Rioja behind her. I scribbled the quote down. Though I had... Read more


26th Apr 2016

En primeur: the other side of Bordeaux

by Nicolle Croft

The ‘primeur’ show is over for another year and the dust has settled here in Bordeaux. The journalists and buyers of the wine world with their brimming laptops and stained black teeth have left Bordeaux’s grand châteaux empty again. They... Read more


21st Apr 2016

Chapoutier 2015 Sélections Parcellaires: the best vintage since 1990?

by Matt Walls

Every spring, Rhône ringleader Michel Chapoutier comes to London to unveil the new vintage of his top single vineyard wines, the Sélections Parcellaires. It’s a hotly anticipated tasting for a number of reasons. Firstly, because... Read more


8th Apr 2016

The Climate Change Paradox

by Tim Atkin

You don’t have to be meteorologist to appreciate that something very unusual is happening to the world’s weather right now. I’ve just got back from South Africa, where dams were almost empty and the country has experienced the hottest,... Read more


4th Apr 2016

The truth about the 1976 Judgment of Paris

by Ron Washam

Forty years later, it’s time to finally reveal that the Paris Tasting of 1976 was staged, much like Neal Armstrong’s phony moon landing, Elvis Presley’s death and auction wines. Furthermore, the person claiming to be Steven Spurrier is... Read more


29th Mar 2016

Lone Woolf: a London Tasting Adventure

by Andrea Frost

In her 1930 essay Street Haunting, A London Adventure, Virginia Woolf used her search for a lead pencil as an excuse to indulge in “the greatest pleasure of town life in winter — rambling the streets of London”. Woolf’s walks... Read more