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9th Dec 2016

The 12 wines of Christmas

by Natasha Hughes MW

December has barely begun, but if you’re anything like me 2016 has made you somewhat disinclined to feel much in the way of goodwill to all men, and you’re probably well over Slade singing ‘So here it is, Merry Christmas’ at you every... Read more


8th Dec 2016

Faith in wine fakes?

by Tim Atkin

Investigative journalism is a dangerous business. Indeed, you could argue that in its purest form it’s often fatal. Find out something that rich and powerful people don’t want you to know about – illegal arms trading or money laundering,... Read more


4th Dec 2016

Ask Sid Heil, Your White Supremacist Sommelier!

by Ron Washam

As a young boy, Sid Heil decided he wanted to make wine his career. “My Dad taught me that white people had invented wine, and that it was an industry that was still about 99% white. But that was a long time ago, and things have changed. That... Read more


28th Nov 2016

When Wine Imitates Art

by Andrea Frost

If you’re going to contemplate beauty in wine, you might as well do it in an art gallery. Well, that was my reasoning when I accepted the invitation, even if it was under the ruse of an all-women fundraiser for a cosy 200 guests on a bright... Read more


11th Nov 2016

Rioja embraces singularity

by Tim Atkin

The poster in Vivanco’s Museum of Wine Culture said it all. It was first published in 2001, but it looked much older than that. Over 300 Rioja labels were crammed into the frame, most of which wouldn’t win a design award but are reassuringly... Read more


7th Nov 2016

Tips for enoying natural wines at home

by Ron Washam

You have finally come to the realization that the only wines worth drinking are Natural Wines, but what’s the best way to enjoy those Natural Wines at home? Many people make the mistake of thinking that the only thing that matters is that the... Read more


31st Oct 2016


by Andrea Frost

In the old days, it used to take a bottle of wine and free karaoke for people to let you know who they really are, but these days I find a holiday and an Instagram account does the trick. Of course, when I say “people”, I mean us. And when I... Read more


17th Oct 2016

Lost in translation

by Matt Walls

What fabulous nectar does the following tasting note conjure up? ... Read more


5th Oct 2016

What next for Château Miraval?

by Tim Atkin

You can always rely on the wine trade to show a sense of perspective. As Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie prepare to eviscerate one another in the divorce courts, damaging the lives of their six children in the process, the question on everyone’s... Read more


3rd Oct 2016

Larry Anosmia MS, Frontier Sommelier

by Ron Washam

Episode 1: “By-the-Glass at the O.K. Corral” A famous Tombstone watering hole hires Larry Anosmia MS to increase sales and keep an eye on the Clanton gang. Doc Holliday takes a liking to the new sommelier in town, even switching... Read more