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10th Feb 2016

On top of the wine world

by Tim Atkin

In his wonderful book “BAD: Or, the Dumbing of America”, the late Paul Fussell developed a theory about altitude: the higher the restaurant, the worse the food. It makes a lot of sense when you contemplate the reheated slop that’s served on... Read more


2nd Feb 2016

Ageing wine critics

by Ron Washam

It’s a question from wine novices that comes up repeatedly. Just how do we know how long to age our wine critics? Furthermore, how can we tell which wine critics will age well, and which will fall apart? Are there any guidelines? I... Read more


25th Jan 2016

Feck & Drink: why isn't there more wine on TV?

by Henry Jeffreys

If you want to annoy certain people in the wine world, lean over and say to them, ‘what you really need is a Jeremy Clarkson of wine.’ Or a Jamie Oliver (though m’esteemed colleague Matt Walls has already covered that one on this site last... Read more


15th Jan 2016

The wine trade’s annual health check

by Matt Walls

Every year, after an overindulgent Christmas, the wine trade books an appointment with me for its annual health check. Though most of its vital signs are entirely typical for a patient of its age, it suffers from a certain… anxiety. Normally I... Read more


13th Jan 2016

Talking Terroir

by Tim Atkin

“Soil is dirt.” I’m sure the Californian producer Bill Jekel was being deliberately provocative when he entered into a well-publicised debate about terroir with Bruno Prats of Château Cos d’Estournel at the end of the 1980s, but he was... Read more


4th Jan 2016

Wine Trends for 2016

by Ron Washam

What will be the most important, most newsworthy trends in the wine business in 2016? What trends and events will trigger every idea-less wine blogger to take to his keyboard and rewrite other people’s original remarks? This is the big question... Read more


21st Dec 2015

The Invention of Wine

by Andrea Frost

God was sitting on one side of the boardroom table with his back against the window when a man walked in and introduced himself as Kevin from the Innovation Department. ‘Very well, let’s get on with this. I still need to hear... Read more


11th Dec 2015

The truth about Christmas wine columns

by Henry Jeffreys

Elizabeth David’s spiced beef recipe is one of my Christmas traditions. It involves rubbing a piece of beef every day for up to four weeks with a selection of spices, sugar and saltpetre. You then cook it for about eight hours, leave it to cool... Read more


6th Dec 2015

How to build a great wine cellar

by Ron Washam

You don’t need a lot of money to create a great wine cellar. Any more than you need teeth to recite Shakespeare. Or fingers to go bowling. They just help you to not look and sound stupid doing it. You can begin a wine cellar with very little... Read more


5th Dec 2015

Keeping it in the family?

by Tim Atkin

The front room at the Domaine Launay-Horiot in Pommard looks like something out of Miss Havisham’s mansion in Dickens’ Great Expectations. It’s dusty, cobwebbed and, on first acquaintance, more than a little sad. The furniture has barely... Read more