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28th Feb 2017

Message in a bottle

by Andrea Frost

It’s the lucky ones who find a message in the bottle. In his essay On Wine and Hashish, Charles Baudelaire writes of an old unknown... Read more


25th Feb 2017

Initiating the uninitiated

by Henry Jeffreys

Wine lists can be difficult for the uninitiated to understand. One restaurant in Los Angeles, Hatchet Hall, has taken this a step further: not only is their list incomprehensible to the... Read more


20th Feb 2017

New Zealand’s hothouse Syrah

by Matt Walls

In 1984, a man called Dr Alan Limmer was doing some work at a government viticultural research station on North Island, New Zealand. One day he heard it was about to be closed down due to lack of funds and the vineyards bulldozed. He raced over... Read more


7th Feb 2017

Almost human?

by Tim Atkin

What do you think of the following tasting note? “Inconspicuous boysenberries and cigar wrappers revel in unresolved rosehips, while dried wormwood and chemically tanned leather swim amongst illusive black liquorice.” And this? “Like a... Read more


6th Feb 2017


by Ron Washam

Finally, Ladies, a new wine credential that will take the Miss out of wine misogyny. FemSomm! FemSomm is an idea whose time has come. Tired of being 10% of the ManSomm population? Weary of mentors who undress to help you study for the... Read more


30th Jan 2017

Where the wild things are

by Andrea Frost

I was sitting at an old wooden bar at one of Wellington’s finest restaurants when I noticed the counter had been converted into a fish tank. Beneath my glass of Sauvignon Blanc a crayfish with claws the size of oven mitts shovelled pebbles from... Read more


18th Jan 2017

How great is the 2015 Burgundy vintage?

by Tim Atkin

Burgundy and Bordeaux may share a common language, but they are very different places. It’s not just the question of size that generally separates them – single grape varieties versus blends, small- versus larger-scale production, individual... Read more


16th Jan 2017

Coming of age

by Matt Walls

Orange wine. Grower Champagne. Biodynamics. Trends come and go in wine like anything else. Some are clearly gimmicks (blue wine, anyone?)... Read more


6th Jan 2017

What, no Donald? Some wine predictions for 2017

by Chris Losh

JANUARY Controversy in Germany when the details of the country’s sparkling wine producers are made available online for the first time. ‘We know not everyone agrees with making the Sekt Offenders Register public,’... Read more


4th Jan 2017

Notes on the 2017 Vintage - Worst Year Ever?

by Ron Washam

I traveled and tasted widely for this review of the wines of 2017. I think, in general, the vintage can be summed up as miserable. The wise consumer should give ’17 a Pass—“Donner” seems appropriate. This is not unexpected, of course.... Read more