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4th Sep 2016

Rudy Kurniawan: last man standing?

by Henry Jeffreys

Before watching the documentary Sour Grapes, I had a mental image of American wine collectors as like the effete Crane brothers in Frasier. What I did not expect was what the novelist Jay McInerney describes as the... Read more


4th Sep 2016

Selling California: the Impossible job?

by Tim Atkin

Managing England’s perennially underachieving football team is sometimes described as “the impossible job”. A delusional fan base, a fickle and vicious tabloid press and a set of players who, whatever the shifting personnel, seem to be... Read more


29th Aug 2016

The Art of Comparison

by Andrea Frost

In wine circles, we have a similarly complex relationship with comparisons. Which is odd, given we spend hundreds of hours every year, and many years every career, lining wines up against each other to compare their attributes. We compare the... Read more


19th Aug 2016

Rethinking wine: back to the future?

by Henry Jeffreys

It might surprise you to learn that London had a fleet of electric taxis in the late 19th century. They were known as hummingbirds because of the noise they made. It wasn’t just Britain, there were 30,000 thousand electric cars in the US at the... Read more


15th Aug 2016

Ventoux: wild wild East

by Matt Walls

“Bonjour!” beamed the skinny young monk as he hurried past me down the steep dirt path, his brown habit flapping behind him. It turns out the local monastery had only been finished 10 years ago. I’d have thought there were sufficient... Read more


8th Aug 2016

Wine's Future Shock

by Tim Atkin

So many celebrities – and celebrity winemakers – have died this year that it was easy to miss the recent passing of Alvin Toffler. Alvin who, some of you may ask? The author of the 1970s bestseller Future Shock became more famous for his... Read more


1st Aug 2016

Donald Trump's World Atlas of Wine

by Ron Washam

What is it with you people that you want to know what I think about wine all the time? When I became the new Emperor of Wine, and, really, I’m doing a fantastic job, just fantastic, I didn’t know I’d have to spend all my time educating all... Read more


25th Jul 2016

On Wine and Europe

by Andrea Frost

It is hard to think of wine and not think of Europe and its influence on wine and the people who drink it. So profound is Europe’s impact, it hardly bears noting. But as the world quarrels about where Europe’s lines should be drawn, and I am... Read more


10th Jul 2016

What would Brexit mean for the wine business?

by Tim Atkin

What will Brexit mean for the wine business? In the traumatic week that has followed the referendum and the decision of 52% of voters to leave the European Union, the very question has seemed increasingly, almost fatuously irrelevant. It’s hard... Read more


5th Jul 2016

Trump, Brexit and other endangered grape varieties

by Ron Washam

Estimates of the number of varieties of Vitis vinifera in cultivation vary widely. In the seminal work, “Wine Grapes,” the grape expert Dr. José Vouillamoz (pronounced “Wham-O”) asserts that the number is “close to a shitload.” (A... Read more