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28th Jan 2019

Cape Redux

by Robert Joseph

“It is highly unlikely that functioning farming enterprises will be confiscated… Farm invasions are extremely rare in South Africa. I do not recall one in the last couple of years.”... Read more


21st Jan 2019

Look back in anger: the Cape wine industry 30 years ago

by Robert Joseph

“I have never heard any public figure in our wine industry call for vineyard ownership, land ownership in the Cape, to be opened up unconditionally to all races. To many of us, and to our overseas friends, as well as critics, a non-racial wine... Read more


25th Mar 2018

The Lismore Sauvignon Blanc Tasting

by Tim Atkin

The fourth annual Lismore tasting, pitching South Africa against the rest of the world, focused on wooded Sauvignon Blanc and white Bordeaux blends. In previous editions we have looked at Syrah, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Cape has always held... Read more


12th Feb 2018

South African wine's Day Zero

by Tim Atkin

Day Zero sounds like the title of a dystopian disaster movie, starring Matt Damon or an ageing Bruce Willis perhaps. But what’s happening in South Africa right now has nothing to do with fantasy or fiction. On the contrary, it’s all too real.... Read more


21st Sep 2016

Heritage: boon or burden?

by Tim Atkin

Good morning, goeie more, everyone, and thank you for giving up part of your Saturday to be here at Nederburg. I’d also like to thank Distell, the Auction and its talented and hard-working team, especially Dalene Steyn, for inviting me... Read more


1st Aug 2016

Donald Trump's World Atlas of Wine

by Ron Washam

What is it with you people that you want to know what I think about wine all the time? When I became the new Emperor of Wine, and, really, I’m doing a fantastic job, just fantastic, I didn’t know I’d have to spend all my time educating all... Read more


21st Mar 2016

South Africa triumphs at the Lismore Chardonnay tasting

by Tim Atkin

Way back in 1992, so long ago that it's even disappeared from remaindered bookshelves, I wrote a tome about Chardonnay. It was a tour d'horizon of the world's most popular white grape, with entries grouped by country from Argentina... Read more


14th Jan 2015

Braver New World

by Matt Walls

“Sorry I’m late sir. Ignore the bandage, I had an unexpected visit to the hospital to get my ear seen to. Anyway – I understand you’d like me to paint your sunflowers… So, oil paint or watercolours? And how would you like them arranged... Read more


15th Dec 2014

South Africa – Vote Yes

by Matt Walls

Sometimes it takes events like the Scottish Referendum to make you realise that however ancient and permanent the old order appears, the status quo could suddenly change. It’s no different in the world of wine: in fact, there’s one anomaly... Read more


28th Oct 2014

A review of the 2015 Platter's Guide Five Star Wines

by Tim Atkin

If anything can be said to create a buzz in the South African wine industry, it's the annual announcement of the Platter's Wine Guide's 5 Star Wines. There were 50 of these this year, plus a KWV brandy, which reversed the inflationary trend of... Read more