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27th Jan 2013

Everyday value?

by Matt Walls

Lined up against the wall in my hallway, they stood quietly like forlorn commuters queuing for a bus. These were not bottles to make a taster salivate. Why didn't I suggest a tasting of vintage Champagnes instead, I wondered? But this is the... Read more


20th Aug 2012

Argentina's Malbec obsession

by Tim Atkin

Is Argentina too dependent on Malbec? The question might seem absurd – few countries have managed to associate themselves so successfully with a single grape – but it’s beginning to worry some producers. The partial commoditisation of... Read more


5th Mar 2011

Making sense of Sangiovese

by Tim Atkin

How do you make sense of Italian wine? The country has more indigenous grapes than any other (somewhere between 800 and 1000 at a rough estimate) many of which are planted in a single region and nowhere else. Italian varieties are notoriously... Read more


1st Mar 2011

Juel Mahoney's take on 2006 Brunello di Montalcino vintage

by Tim Atkin

There's something reminiscent of Fashion Week about the Benvenuto Brunello event in Montalcino, with visitor passes, photographers, security guards and large tents. Amongst it all, this is where I tasted the latest vintage of 2006 Brunello di... Read more


24th Sep 2010

In praise of older wines

by Tim Atkin

How long does it take you to drink a bottle of wine once you've bought it? A day? A week? A year? I'm not sure how accurate the statistic is, but the word in the wine trade is that nine out of ten bottles are emptied within 48 hours of... Read more


2nd Sep 2010

Acid trip

by Tim Atkin

"Buy on an apple, sell on a piece of cheese," runs an old wine trade saw. It's good advice for consumers, too. If a wine, especially a red wine, can survive the tart, hard-skinned assault of a slice of Granny Smith, then it must be special.... Read more


8th Nov 2009

Christmas reds and whites

by Tim Atkin

WHITE   2008 Errazuriz Chardonnay, Casablanca Valley (£4.99 each for two, 13.5%, Majestic). Reduced from £7.99, which makes it a stunning deal, this is an easy drinking, peach and citrus fruit Chilean Chardonnay with a... Read more


6th Sep 2009

A Fruity Number

by Tim Atkin

I know we've just come through the silly season, when tales of killer chipmunks and dolphin sign language deputise for what's normally classed as news in the British media, but even I was surprised by two wine-related stories that appeared... Read more