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22nd Aug 2018

Eccentric current

by Matt Walls

English sparkling wine producers collectively present a terribly well-to-do appearance, all smart chinos and glasses of fizz on the lawn. But Pythonesque tendrils are creeping through the cracks in the patio… From Sussex Pinotage, to Tooting... Read more


16th Mar 2018

English wine and the Union Flag

by Tim Atkin

What does the Union Jack symbolise to you? Pride? Shame? Sovereignty? Populism? Peace? Colonialism? All are possible responses and have been almost since the flag was designed in 1800 to reflect the Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland.... Read more


19th Feb 2018

Capital ventures

by Matt Walls

When London's first urban winery opened in 2013, I was cynical. But London Cru is still going strong, having since won multiple awards for its wines and gained listings in Michelin-starred restaurants. A second winery, Renegade Wines, opened in... Read more


19th Dec 2016

How the other half drinks

by Matt Walls

Is there a quicker way to get to know someone than by flicking through their music collection or browsing their bookshelves? Both feel like a little glimpse into their soul. For wine lovers, rifling through someone's cellar can be equally... Read more


19th Sep 2016

The Gold Standard

by Matt Walls

On the first day of the Hunter Valley Wine Show, Major Al Lynch, in full military fatigues, explained to the wine judges what was expected of them: “if you are given an order you will follow it without question.” I’ve judged wine... Read more


19th Oct 2015

English wine: too much of a good thing?

by Matt Walls

Sitting in the October sunshine, chewing on the corner of my baguette, I wonder how many others have witnessed this timeless scene: pickers working their way up rows of vines, loading their baskets with bunches of grapes. But this isn’t... Read more


20th Apr 2015

Bitter believe it

by Matt Walls

In the UK we can be a bit prejudiced against flavoured wines and spirits. It’s not hard to see why if you look at the current proliferation of 'aromatised wine-based drinks' that are appearing on supermarket shelves. Most trumpet their ‘natural fruit flavours’, but rather than tasting of genuine strawberries, raspberries or peaches, all the ones I’ve tried have tasted like melted jelly sweets, diluted with water then poked with vodka. Most flavoured spirits aren’t much better. There are two kindred styles of flavoured wines and spirits however that have been criminally overlooked in the past that are starting to make a comeback. We’re even making some brilliant modern examples here in the UK. ... Read more


5th Jul 2013

London’s wine scene: a tale of two cities

by Matt Walls

Considering its total lack of vineyards, London's long-established position in the wine world might seem surprising. But this has proved to be London’s strength; historically there has been no local pride, patriotism or short-sightedness to... Read more