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25th Jul 2016

On Wine and Europe

by Andrea Frost

It is hard to think of wine and not think of Europe and its influence on wine and the people who drink it. So profound is Europe’s impact, it hardly bears noting. But as the world quarrels about where Europe’s lines should be drawn, and I am... Read more


10th Jul 2016

What would Brexit mean for the wine business?

by Tim Atkin

What will Brexit mean for the wine business? In the traumatic week that has followed the referendum and the decision of 52% of voters to leave the European Union, the very question has seemed increasingly, almost fatuously irrelevant. It’s hard... Read more


5th Jul 2016

Trump, Brexit and other endangered grape varieties

by Ron Washam

Estimates of the number of varieties of Vitis vinifera in cultivation vary widely. In the seminal work, “Wine Grapes,” the grape expert Dr. José Vouillamoz (pronounced “Wham-O”) asserts that the number is “close to a shitload.” (A... Read more


28th Jun 2016

She said, he said

by Andrea Frost

I hadn’t expected we’d discuss gender issues during the Burgundy masterclass at the exclusive Len Evans Tutorial in the Hunter Valley, but somewhere between the Volnay and the Chambertin the issue arose. The Len Evans Tutorial is... Read more


17th Jun 2016

The Tour de West Norwood

by Henry Jeffreys

Whilst most of my boyhood friends had pictures of John Barnes or Ian Rush on their walls, I had Gianni Bugno and Laurent Jalabert. In my teens, cycling was my passion (as a spectator sport that is, I was a lazy bugger.) I just caught the end of... Read more


9th Jun 2016

The Spanish Revolution

by Tim Atkin

Which country makes the finest wines in the world? When the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi gave a speech at Vinitaly earlier this year, he caused a stir in the Gallic media by claiming that Italian wine is “better than French”. Heads... Read more


5th Jun 2016

Announcing Master of Wine Lite

by Ron Washam

The Institute of Masters of Wine is pleased to announce its new program, Masters of Wine Lite©. Tired of being the only person in your wine tasting group without initials after your name? That business card of yours looking a bit like you’re... Read more


31st May 2016

What makes a good wine bar?

by Andrea Frost

In his gentle 1946 essay Moon Under Water, George Orwell describes the merits of his favourite London public house. Qualities important to Orwell include atmosphere, barmaids who know their customers by name, the ability to walk freely... Read more


4th May 2016

Alice's Adventures in Naturaland, and Through the Isinglass

by Ron Washam

Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole Alice was getting very tired of sitting by herself on the bank. Though she was usually by herself, unless she was at a wine tasting. But Alice didn’t like wine tastings, especially... Read more


3rd May 2016

Hey, big spender: wine on the high street

by Tim Atkin

Failing the emergence of a last minute saviour, BHS looks set to slide into administration this month, joining a list of major high street casualties that includes Comet, Woolworths and JJB Sports. The likely closure or sale of its 160 sites and... Read more