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12th Jun 2018

Sparkling English Wine Writing

by Peter Pharos

A short time after the Brexit Referendum, I wrote a piece for a Wine Writing Competition [1]. Those were the heady times of the Birmingham conference, with their Citizens of Nowhere and Foreign Staff Lists, the Conservative Party looking like... Read more


10th Jun 2018

Does somewhereness matter in wine?

by Tim Atkin

I’ve never been to the Phantom River in New Zealand’s South Island, but a quick search on line shows that it rises in the Ben McLeod Range and joins the Orari River close to Peel Forest. With its echoes of nature, mystery and the gold rush,... Read more


4th Jun 2018

A day at the Napa Valley Old Wine Critics Home

by Ron Washam

“You want to know what really drives me nuts?” Sam Euthanasia, World’s Oldest Wine Critic, tells me, “The whole place smells like pee. It’s like spending the day judging goddam supermarket New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. And if I wanted to... Read more


28th May 2018

Is sobriety a feminist issue?

by Celia Bryan-Brown

Feminism is the watch-word du jour, and not just among women of a certain age and political inclination. The drive for gender equality, and, more saliently, accountability, had ‘feminism’ named 2017’s word of the year. There’s... Read more


26th May 2018

What have wine critics ever done for us?

by Peter Pharos

Wine is a many-maligned thing. The punters are snobs and bores; the servers are sycophants or stuck-up; the vendors dress the emperor in the finest invisible silk. None, however, is more deserving of scorn than the critic: depending on who you... Read more


17th May 2018

Wine's race to the bottom

by Tim Atkin

Does anyone remember Safeway? In its day, it had one of the best supermarket wine ranges in the UK: diverse, daring and invariably well selected. When the chain was taken over by Morrisons in March 2004, its then director of wine, Matthew Stubbs... Read more


7th May 2018

Erotica for the Natural Wine Lover

by Ron Washam

He was the most handsome man in the bar. I knew he was the one when he walked over to the jukebox and selected my favorite song — The Police’s “Qvevri Little Thing She Does is Magic.” He caught my eye and then casually took the... Read more


30th Apr 2018

Accented French - the red wines of north-eastern Greece

by Peter Pharos

Every oenophile probably has that one moment of public blind tasting when it All Goes Right. Mine came sometime in the mid-noughties at the rooftop bar of the Athens Hilton. I was rushing to meet friends after a long day at work and already... Read more


16th Apr 2018

Protecting the global spirit of wine

by Tim Atkin

Anyone who thinks that wine and politics inhabit different worlds might like to have a word with some Californian producers right now. As part of the escalating trade war between the world’s two largest economies, China has responded to... Read more


2nd Apr 2018

The NRA Wine Club - Locked and Loaded

by Ron Washam

Hello, I’m Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association inviting you to become a member of the NRA Wine Club. At the NRA, we believe that nothing goes better with live ammunition than several glasses of specially-selected NRA Wine Club... Read more